Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 4) – Gender Instability

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With Kazehana now one of Minato’s sekirei, there’s one last character who seemingly doesn’t have an ashikabi – Kagari. The character who seems to have some serious gender instability as a result of his sekirei powers…

The Final Feather

The episode begins with Uzume giving all of her costumes to Kazehana, as she seems to be preparing to leave for good. Kazehana then wears a dancer outfit while everyone celebrates Minato’s release from the hospital. Uzume leaves in a hurry, and Kagari joins everyone. But Kagari soon becomes irate at seeing Minato, due to his body reacting to Minato’s presence.

Sometime after the party, Kagari takes a bath, and we see that his body is changing once again. During the bath, Musubi, Tsukiumi, and Kazehana walk in. Instead of leaving, they decide to wash each other’s backs with Kagari there. In the meantime Matsu creates a test for Minato to complete, in order to gauge his academic ability. We find out that Minato is actually quite smart, and Matsu is dumbfounded that he failed his university entrance exams.

The MBI CEO then sends out a text message to all ashikabi, stating that the final sekirei without an ashikabi was located in the north end of the city.

Kagari sneaks out of the bath, but bumps into Minato in the hallway. His sekirei instincts cause him to almost kiss Minato, but then he backs off. He creates some fire to kill Minato, but then becomes startled when he loses control of the flame. Tsukiumi shows up and douses the flames. Kagari then states that he was glad he bumped into Minato, because he now realizes that his real target was not Minato, but the MBI CEO.

Episode Thoughts

I guess it comes with the territory, because I’ve only ever seen gender-bending content in ecchi anime. At least from what I can recall. It’s not my favourite thing, mainly because the idea of swapping genders against your will seems pretty unsettling to me more than anything else. In regards to Kagari, I’ve also heard him referred to as “Homura”, and I’m now wondering if it’s sort of like a split personality thing, where Kagari refers to the male form and Homura to the female form. I’m sure it’ll be cleared up soon enough.

No real action this episode though, as it mainly focused on Kagari. I’m sure he’ll go off to challenge MBI, and end up being saved by Minato and friends, before becoming Minato’s sekirei, and probably becoming female?

Either way, I’m sure there will be some action and new developments coming soon. The “final feather” situation will likely be resolved next episode, I’m thinking. So overall, the episode was all right. Like I said, gender-bending isn’t really up my alley, so that’s about all I’ve got for this episode.

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