Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 5) – The Hunt Begins

Kagari, also known as Homura, has vowed to take down MBI and its CEO, Minaka. This comes right after all ashikabi were informed that there is one sekirei remaining who doesn’t have an ashikabi – Kagari. With everyone out hunting for the last sekirei, will Kagari even make it to MBI?

The Sekirei of Flame

Kagari / Homura has vowed to take down MBI, and kill CEO Minaka. After a phone call from Minato’s mom discouraging him, he leaves anyways. At home, Minato and his harem convene to discuss the matter. They come to the conclusion that they need to save Kagari, and head out after him.

Kagari encounters a sekirei from last season, one that wields ice powers. They fight for a while, but Kagari becomes slowly overpowered. Uzume then shows up and begins to protect Kagari. Minato and friends are on their way, but the fight has begun. Matsu reports that even more sekirei are on their way, too. Kagari loses control of his fire and begins to burn up.

Episode Thoughts

Well, that’s the most brief synopsis I’ve been able to write so far. That was the gist of the episode though, only stretched out longer to fit the full episode. And it was a pretty good episode. The first half was mostly discussion and some nice ecchi moments, and the later half was action with Kagari (and eventually Uzume) fighting the ice sekirei.

Minato’s sister was also heading towards the fight, I believe. Which means that her and Minato might finally discover that they are both ashikabi. With so many other sekirei on the way, I’m interested in seeing how things play out next. It could devolve into a full-out battle royale. Not just for Kagari, but for sekirei to defeat each other, as at the end of the day that’s what they are supposed to do.

We’ll just have to see, and I’m excited to find out.
Oh, and surprisingly enough, no nudity this time around!

Ecchi Highlights

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