Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 6) – Battle Royale

The battle for the final un-emerged sekirei has begun! With Kagari / Homura in a real pinch, everyone scrambles to try and claim this final feather. A lot of action awaits!

Words of Binding

With the fighting already having started last episode, no time is wasted in getting on the action. Uzume continues to fight against the ice sekirei for her employer, an ashikabi we haven’t yet met (to my knowledge). While the two are fighting, more individuals show up who are working for Uzume’s employer. The ashikabi for the ice sekirei finally decides its not worth continuing the fight, as Kagari / Homura is in a very unstable state and is burning up anyways.

This leaves Uzume with some reinforcements. But then Minato and his sekirei show up, and Tsukiumi douses the flames surrounding Kagari. They engage Uzume and her combrades, with Kazehana fighting Uzume herself. While the fight is on, Minato approaches Kagari, who has started to burn up once again. Despite the flames, Minato embraces Kagari and won’t let go.

After some kind words, Minato kisses Kagari and seals the deal. Kagari becomes one of Minato’s sekirei. Uzume and allies retreat, and the battle is over.

Episode Thoughts

With Kagari now emerged, there are no un-emerged sekirei left. Kagari’s female form has also come out, and I believe it will stay this way from here on out? I don’t know, really. This whole gender-bender stuff isn’t up my alley at all. Is it Kagari or Homura now? I guess we’ll get more of the aftermath next episode.

Most of the episode was indeed action, and unfortunately we didn’t get very much in-action ecchi, like torn clothes and the like. Which made for a very fan service free episode for the most part, surprisingly enough. This episode might actually have the least amount of ecchi so far in Sekirei.

That’s about it for this episode though, as usual we’ll just have to see where things go from here.

Episode Highlights

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