Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 7) – Storytime

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With Kagari safe, Minato and the harem have some time to settle down and get back to the daily life. Or so they’d hoped, but with the final sekirei now emerged, it seems MBI CEO Minako has other plans…

A Faraway Tale

Kagari awakens after being asleep for quite some time. He has a good talk with Minato, and they come to terms with each other. It seems that Kagari’s body reacts to the desire of his ashikabi.

Minato then leaves Kagari’s room and runs into Matsu. He asks her to tell him the whole story behind the sekirei. And so, Matsu obliges and tells the story to Minato, Musubi, Tsukiumi, and Kusano.

Essentially, Minako found a couple of advanced spacecraft that had crashed on a remote island. Using the technology from them he became rich and powerful with the creation of MBI. Within the two ships were pods. 5 had people within (the first 5 sekirei), some had fetuses, and the rest contained eggs. The first 5 sekirei became the original discipline squad, and they were tasked with defending the island. All of the fetuses and eggs were then accelerated to life or something like this.

After the story, Minato’s phone goes off and we find out that Minako has sent all ashikabi another message – any sekirei who do not get involved in the game and produce results will be deactivated, somehow.

Episode Thoughts

Mostly an explanatory / flashback episode. We didn’t get too much in terms of action, which is fine considering the last few episodes. But we also didn’t get much in terms of ecchi! It seems we’re experiencing a bit of a fan service drought here with Sekirei: Pure Engagement.

Overall, the episode was pretty straightforward. Nothing too interesting to note this time around. Also not too many images, considering not too much happened.

Onto the next one!

Episode Highlights

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