Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 8) – Back to Business

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There have been some real ups and downs to Sekirei: Pure Engagement, but the series has come back with more ecchi after lacking it for several episodes. It’s unclear where things will go from here, though!

Kusa’s Play

All ashikabi receive a text from MBI stating that their sekirei will be incapacitated if they do not participate in the game within two weeks. Minato is fine, because Musubi had already defeated a few sekirei. But Minato’s sister, Seo, and Uzume all need to step up. The tension is on for them.

But not for Minato and his girls. So instead they all go back to just lounging around. While bringing groceries home, an ashikabi approaches Minato about escaping the city, but Minato refuses. Later Matsu reveals that the discipline squad took down his sekirei, making Minato’s choice the right one.

Minato’s harem (minus Kagari) then begins playing cards, with the prize for winning being a date with Minato. In the meantime, Uzume is getting desperate, and is given orders to take down a sekirei from the north (Minato’s area).

Episode Thoughts

Things have settled down here. Back to the business of lounging around for Minato, although it seems like Uzume might crash that party. I don’t think Uzume will have the conviction in the end to take down one of her friends from the boarding house though.

We also got more ecchi this episode, with plenty of shots of the girl’s breasts (clothes on). In addition we got some rare moments of the twins naked.

One thing I’ve realized is that the ecchi has felt like it’s gone a bit downhill, or become a bit sparse. But I think one big issue with that is just that we’ve seen more than enough of Minato’s harem already by now. But I don’t think it’s the characters that’s the problem, but more the fact that they always wear the same outfits.

Sure the breast sizes and whatnot won’t change, but it’d be nice to see them underneath some different clothes once in a while! A good example is the few times we’ve seen Musubi in gym clothes. I’ve seen Tsukiumi’s breasts enough in.. whatever that outfit she wears is supposed to be. Same with Matsu in that white dress, Musubi in the shrine priestess garb… this show could really use some variety to spice up the ecchi.

As for the story, I’m not sure that the anime will be able to conclude the entire sekirei game given the number of episodes that are left. Maybe I’m wrong though, and they’ll gloss over a ton of small battles that took place. We’ve seen a couple other powerful ashikabi but Minato has never really been at war with any of them.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, as usual.

Ecchi Highlights

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