Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 9) – Uzume on Edge

After the revelation that all sekirei will have to take part in the game and earn some victories or else face punishment, Uzume has been getting desperate. How will she earn a victory of her own?

A Multitude of Bonds

Kusano had wandered away from Minato while they were out, and ends up at the hospital grounds. There she meets Uzume’s ashikabi, Chiho. They talk for a bit and then Kusano leaves, but she forgot her stuffed animal with Chiho. As it’s after visiting hours, they go home. On the way, they run into an ashikabi who abuses his sekirei, but end up leaving.

We then see Minato’s sister Yukari and her sekirei in a park. They are attacked by the ahikabi that abuses his sekirei. He knocks her down and tells her to defeat the sekirei in front of her. He then forcibly kisses her to unlock her special attack which allows her to summon a giant hammer. Unfortunately, Yukari’s sekirei is very powerful and defeats her with ease. Yukari then proceeds to beat her ashikabi after he pulls out a knife. Tsukiumi was there watching, but never ended up intervening.

The next day Minato, Musubi, Tsukiumi, and Kusano head back to the hospital to search for the lost stuffed animal. They end up in Chiho’s room and talk with her, also running into Uzume. Uzume asks Musubi to step outside, alone. Minato sees a suspicious man outside. Matsu had noticed something off via MBI’s satellites, and sends Kazehana to help out in case something happens.

The episode ends with Uzume revealing that she is the veiled sekirei to Musubi and Tsukiumi.

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Episode Thoughts

Things are definitely starting to heat up again. Uzume and the people she has been working with are definitely going to make a move. The fact that she’s finally revealed herself shows that she is going to fight. She probably could have defeated some other random sekirei, but I believe she is still being blackmailed by this organization she works for, as they are caring for Chiho.

The thing is, I believe that Minato has the strongest sekirei on his side. Musubi, Tsukiumi, Kazehana, and Kagari are all some of the most powerful fighters out of all the sekirei we’ve seen. Matsu is also very useful with her info gathering and communication abilities. The only sekirei that could challenge Minato and his harem I think are the black sekirei, and Yukari’s sekirei.

Basically, I don’t see things ending well for Uzume and those people. At least we’ll get some good action out of the coming conflict though, and hopefully some torn clothes as well.

Once again the ecchi content was there this time around, but it also felt a bit stale just because we’ve seen these characters so much already. There was one shot of them all in bikinis though, so I guess that’s something!

Ecchi Highlights

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