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With the first season of Sekirei covered, it’s time for a full-season review before moving onto the next season – Sekirei: Pure Engagement.


Sekirei is an anime that primarily fits into three categories: ecchi, harem, and action. A great combination of genres, I must admit. By no means does Sekirei break any boundaries, but when it comes to ecchi anime, often I find that average is good enough, provided the ecchi content itself is up to par.

So how does Sekirei hold up in terms of enjoyment and ecchi content?


First, a brief overview of the story.

Sekirei is about a city that is run by MBI, a megacorporation. MBI has created a generation of women called “sekirei”, each of which possesses a magical power of some sort. They can also pair up with a regular human (with a kiss), called their “ashikabi”, to increase their power. MBI’s overall goal is to have the sekirei fight each other until only one remains.

The story follows Minato Sahashi as he runs into a sekirei named Musubi who ends up pairing with him. They move into a boarding house together and end up crossing paths with other sekirei, many of whom join Minato as there is no limit to how many sekirei an ashikabi can have. Minato and his sekirei then proceed with life in a city where sekirei could show up and fight at any moment.

The Story

I would say that Sekirei’s story itself isn’t anything special. While the overarching story of sekirei fighting down to the last team in the city is interesting, you never really feel that tension with Minato and his harem. Not yet, at least. Instead, the story per se is more just Minato and harem reacting to things that happen around them.

As a result, it doesn’t feel like a very proactive story. While there is the overall goal of surviving the war and becoming the last team standing, Minato and his sekirei never really go out and hunt down other sekirei, or look to engage in large conflicts. And as a result, you never really feel like winning the war is an imperative goal. Instead it feels like just living everyday life is enough for Minato and his harem.

Sekirei Musubi Swimsuit

The Action

While I wouldn’t call it slice of life, this season of Sekirei has a fairly relaxed tone, with most episodes devoid of tension. Many episodes don’t contain fights either, instead choosing to show us the daily life of Minato and his harem at the boarding house. Scenes where the harem members arguing over Minato are quite common, as well as bath scenes.

Overall I’d say that when there is action, it’s pretty good. Not amazing, but entertaining enough. However, because many episodes lack notable action scenes, I’d say that overall Sekirei is subpar when it comes to the action it provides.

Sekirei Battle

The Ecchi

The idea of combining a fighting anime with ecchi content is fairly common, but there’s a reason for it – it just works. It allows an anime to “get serious” when it comes to the story, and show us fan service as a consequence of fights. Torn clothes and panty shots are especially common in Sekirei.

Despite having the ability to take on a more serious tone, Sekirei doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’d say that there is just as much ecchi content outside of fights as there is from fights. As I mentioned earlier, many episodes don’t even contain any fights. So the anime has to look elsewhere, and there’s one area in particular that Sekirei loves to use – the baths.

While not every episode contains a nude bath scene, many of them did. Bath scenes are probably the most consistent aspect of Sekirei, due to how common they are. It’s a double-edged sword though, because I feel like the bath scenes get a bit stale after a while.. some more variety in terms of the nude ecchi content in Sekirei would have been preferable. That said, it’s still better than nothing!

The one other major source of ecchi content for Sekirei is Musubi’s large breasts, and her panties. Later on we are also introduced to Tsukiumi who also sports a large chest and some panty shots.

But why explain this when I can just show you?
Let’s get to ecchi highlights from the season!

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Average

Sekirei’s story is simply nothing to get too excited about. While the anime could have been much more active in creating tension and exciting situations, it instead took on a much more relaxed tone. Not terrible, but I wouldn’t recommend watching Sekirei season one for the story, hence the average rating.

Ecchi Rating: Smoking

There’s no doubt that Sekirei is an ecchi anime. The first episode alone is packed with panty shots and contains nudity, and the anime keeps a fairly steady pace of ecchi content from there onwards. Only one episode in this season doesn’t contain any nudity, just to give you an idea of how committed this anime is to providing fan service. As a result, it’s only natural that I give Sekirei season one a smoking rating!

In Conclusion…

If ecchi content alone is enough for you, look no further than Sekirei.
If you would like for your anime to not only contain quality ecchi, but also provide an interesting story + characters, you may want to just stick to checking out the highlights here.

That said, if you have nothing else to watch, you can’t go wrong with Sekirei. It’s a great anime for killing the time and getting an ecchi fix!

Episodes From The Series

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