Sekirei (Season Two) – Sekirei: Pure Engagement

With the conclusion of Sekirei: Pure Engagement, it’s time to take a look at the series and how it held up compared to the first season of Sekirei. This also marks the end of Sekirei, a series that we’ve been covering since the beginning of EcchiHunter!

As expected, this post contains NSFW images.
It wouldn’t be a review of Sekirei without them!


Carrying on directly after the first season of Sekirei, Minato and his harem continue to live carefree lives – until trouble finds its way to them, every now and then. The mature Kazehana joins the harem, as well as Kagari, the unstable male sekirei.

Uzume’s troubles come to a climax with Minato and his harem, and then the series ends it off with a conclusion between Minato and MBI. While the Sekirei Project is never officially ended, the season finishes with a soft ending in which all of the major characters are taking it easy, with the Sekirei Project seemingly put on hold.

The Story

As a continuation of Sekirei, the story is much of the same. Minato and his girls basically just lounge around the boarding house, only engaging with other Sekirei when forced to. It’s a continuation of the very passive action we saw last season, that almost feels like slice of life due to several episodes lacking any action or plot development.

In addition, we never get a true conclusion, as Sekirei: Pure Engagement instead opted to give us a soft ending where the Sekirei Project never truly ended. We never got to see which ashikabi and sekirei managed to beat all the rest in the battle royale. A bit of a disappointment, considering Sekirei had two entire seasons to move through this overarching story.

I’d say that the story for Sekirei: Pure Engagement falls a bit flat, with some good, but too many unimportant or uninteresting moments to really hold up well. While I don’t want to be so harsh as to say there was too much wasted time, but I feel that the time this season had wasn’t used very efficiently, at least from a story perspective.

The Ecchi

The ecchi is another area where Sekirei: Pure Engagement simply carried on with the formula used in the first season. Bath scenes, ecchi tropes, and torn clothes come to mind as the most common sources of ecchi content. The ecchi content overall this season isn’t bad, but I did have one major issue with it that I brought up many times in my episodic posts of the season:

The ecchi became very stale.

After watching an entire first season filled with ecchi shots of Musubi, Tsukiumi, Matsu, Kazehana, Uzume… seeing them all for another 13 episodes doesn’t have the same excitement that it did before. Same outfits, same bath scenes, and same characters. It simply became too repetitive.

Getting ecchi content of any side characters, such as the twins, felt like a breath of fresh air. There’s only so much Musubi, Tsukiumi, et cetera that I need to see until I’ve seen enough. You can show me Musubi in the bath once per episode, but after seeing her in the bath 13 times, I’m ready to see someone else in the bath.

Personally I think that just giving us some different outfits on the girls would have gone a long way to creating a fresher ecchi experience. Even if it’s just one appearance change per girl for the season, it would have helped out quite a bit.

Season Highlights

Despite my issues with the season, there were still many great ecchi moments. Here’s a taste of what this season had to offer:


Story Rating: Average

Once again, Sekirei: Pure Engagement follows in the footsteps of the first season. The story continues on with the same issues of spending many episodes not developing anything and overall suffers from a very slow pace. While the premise overall was, and is interesting, it’s not used to it’s full potential. Which leads to this average rating.

Ecchi Rating: Hot

One step down from last season, the sequel to Sekirei cools off a bit as we are given more of the same. It’s not bad, but it gets a little stale seeing the same ecchi situations and content for a second cour of 13 episodes. In addition, there were several episodes this season that didn’t feature much or any ecchi content at all, leading to the ecchi rating dropping to a hot rating.

In Conclusion…

If you really loved the first season, there’s no reason not to continue on with Sekirei: Pure Engagement. It follows the same formula through and through, so you’ll get essentially the exact same experience. That said, if you were only watching Sekirei for the ecchi content, you may want to consider moving onto another series in order to get some more fresh material!

The one exception to all of this is the OVA Episode 0, which is excellent and absolutely packed full of excellent ecchi content. You definitely don’t want to miss that one!

Episodes from the Series

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