Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash (Episode 1) – Ninja That Stand Atop Skyscrapers

It’s time to hop into a new series on the site, and for this week’s slot, I’ve chosen Senran Kagura. All I know about it is that it’s about busty ninja girls, and that there’s a lot of fan service. Sounds perfect!

Left to right: Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, Hibari

Ninja That Stand Atop Skyscrapers

We open up to one of said ninja, Asuka, barely managing to pass a test that involved stealing a scroll of some kind. She then travels to Asakusa, to Hanzo Academy, where she is a student and member of a small, secret group of girls who are training to become ninjas. We are introduced to the girls, and then they are sent on a training mission – to deal with some delinquents.

They head to the target location and end up fighting dolls that were under the command of some mysterious ninja group. All the while, Asuka is led astray by a girl who turns out to be a ninja, but manages to get lucky as the other girl decides not to attack her due to Asuka’s innocence / clumsiness.

Episode Thoughts

All right, I get to watch a new series! And this one seems pretty fun. It’s a cool idea / environment, and what this episode has shown gives me Ikkitousen vibes – using fighting as a vessel for ecchi. Speaking of, I thought the fighting sequences were really well done in this episode, something that some anime drop the ball on.

The girls are all great, and I’ll enjoy seeing more of them. Art and animation both seem good. We’ve got five main gals to enjoy, plus any additional girls we see from the antagonist’s side, and side characters. Overall, it’s looking like a promising series!

One final point I’ll make is that it’s looking like Senran Kagura likes to pan over tall images, which should give us more tall images to highlight. But they also seem to really like playing with the lighting when they do it (probably to make it feel less like an image pan), so unfortunately we will have those lines in the images because I don’t get paid enough to copy every frame in order to put together a more seamless image! Still, I like the taller images, so it’s cool to get them here.

Episode Highlights

Asuka’s Test

Meet the Ninjas

Training Mission + Transformations

Other Posts in the Series

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