Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash (Episode 2) – The Legendary Shinobi Appears

The girls continue to train while staying on guard from the unknown threat they faced last episode. Asuka’s grandfather, a famous ninja, visits the school, and Asuka tries to get more comfortable with frogs for her training.

The Legendary Shinobi Appears

It’s revealed to us that all of the girls are able to summon a spiritual creature of sorts to help them in combat, with Hibari summoning her rabbit familiar for the first time. However, Asuka can’t seem to think of what she would like to summon, and is unable to do it. The next day, her grandfather visits the school, and from him she learns that his familiar was a tree frog. This prompts the girls to go out and catch some frogs to help Asuka get more used to them.

In the evening while out shopping, Asuka and Ikaruga run into a mysterious girl who fires a bolt from a wrist crossbow at them when they try to walk away.

Episode Thoughts

Lot of fan service this episode. That’s about it!

But really, this episode was still a sort of introduction into how things go for the girls on a regular basis, it seems. Also, Asuka and her familiar struggle has been thrown into the mix. Apparently she can summon anything, so we’ll have to see what she ends up using. Other than that, lot of swimsuits and the like, which isn’t half bad!

Episode Highlights

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