Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash (Episode 3) – Moonlight Intruder

Asuka and Ikaruga meet an enemy who tests them, which leads to Ikaruga developing some self-doubts. Also, Asuka continues her training to get used to touching frogs!

Moonlight Intruder

Ikaruga and Asuka try to walk away from the mysterious woman who confronted them with a crossbow, and so she summons a shinobi barrier to stop them. She then fights with Ikaruga, and defeats her, before leaving, as the whole engagement was just a test.

Afterwards, Ikaruga requests to be punished, which ends up being to give Asuka’s grandfather, Hanzou, a massage. After this, we learn that Ikaruga’s brother was missing, who she then finds in her room, with her sword. He doesn’t consider her his sister, and was jealous that she became a ninja instead of him, because he didn’t have what it takes. She quickly removes him using a trap door, and he is told to walk away by Hanzou.

Asuka’s training continues, and with some help from Ikaruga, she is able to break her fear of frogs after rescuing one from a boulder that turned out to be fake, dropped by Ikaruga.

Episode Thoughts

Seems like we’ve gotten a little backstory on Ikaruga, and how she was adopted into her family, which is a very wealthy and powerful one. The fight at the beginning was interesting, although I’ll never understand why antagonists will just walk away without finishing the job like that, because surely there will be a rematch later.

Either way, Senran Kagura has been pretty fun to watch. While there’s something serious going on in the background, it’s maintained this very relaxed feel because of the girls. When they’re together just messing around and whatnot it just feels so lighthearted. It’s been neat and we’ll see if / how things change as we go.

Episode Highlights

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