Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash (Episode 4) – Seaside Training: Shinobi Island

The girls continue their training, this time by visiting an island and staying at a house that was used by many ninjas in the past for training.

Seaside Training: Shinobi Island

After arriving at the island, the girls are put to work cleaning the house and catching food for dinner. After this, they begin training on the beach and in various locations. In this time, some of the girls are attacked, and the master seems to see someone from his past for a brief moment. It’s after this that we learn about a school of dark ninjas that existed to oppose the girls and their own school.

Episode Thoughts

Considering how many swimsuits we’ve already seen, it was a little surprising to see Senran Kagura head to the beach! Of course, this is great, and it’s clear that this series is focused on delivering a lot of fan service. The story is moving along, but very slowly. So far, the girls have mostly just trained and been attacked, aside from the first episode where they had a mission of sorts, and where Asuka completed her own training mission.

It’s great to see so much ecchi though, and the animation in this series really is great.

Episode Highlights

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