Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash (Episode 5) – Sneak Attack! Hanzo Academy

With the dark shinobi school, Serpent Academy, revealed, it seems that they are planning to make a move on Hanzo Academy. And so, their top five students make a move.

Sneak Attack! Hanzo Academy

We begin with a look at Serpent Academy for Girls, the dark shinobi school. Unlike Hanzo Academy, this school uses a “survival of the fittest” strategy that puts girls through the grinder in order to find the absolute best. And we soon learn that the girls are to infiltrate the school Hanzo Academy is hidden within, and locate Hanzo Academy itself.

Which doesn’t take long, and soon the five dark shinobi make their move. They use dolls to draw out Kiriya, the master at Hanzo Academy, and then set up a barrier. From there, they divide all of the girls in order to fight them all individually, and some fighting begins.

Episode Thoughts

It’s interesting to get a glimpse into the other school, and the girls involved there. This episode also eluded to Katsuragi’s past, and why she wants to become as strong as possible. We also see Hibari placed in a situation where Yagyuu isn’t around to protect her. We’ll see where these ideas go.

As for the ecchi, it was great as always. There was a noticeable amount of ecchi featuring Hibari’s butt this episode, which was interesting to me because even though she has large breasts just like all the other girls, I guess she’s being established as the “butt character”, with how she often sticks it out for us to see. And it’s totally cool with me!

Episode Highlights

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