Shomin Sample (Episode 1) – Welcome, Commoner

It’s time to start up another ecchi anime here, with Shomin Sample. The premise is simple enough: a common boy is abducted and forced to attend a secret, elite, all-girls school. Oh, and the girls believe that he’s into muscular guys…

Welcome, Commoner

Kimito Kagurazaka is a regular high school boy, but then one day, he’s kidnapped and brought to a secret, elite, all-girls school. The reason he was chosen was that the school believed that Kimito has a muscle fetish and a thing for other guys, when in reality, he’s straight. But because he’s already found out about the school, if he doesn’t fit their requirements, they will lock him up.

And so Kimito begins his first day as a commoner at an elite all-girls school. The girls all marvel at his way of casual way of speaking, as well as his smartphone. Eventually, one girl, Aika, grabs Kimito and runs out. She tries to kiss him, believing that this will grant her wish to become popular. When that fails, she tries other methods.Finally, she realizes that as long as she spends time with Kimito and learns the commoner ways, she’ll become popular. And so she declares the creation of the “Commoner Club”.

Episode Thoughts

It’s hard to describe comedy in writing, but this episode was actually really funny. Especially when Kimito meets his classmates for the first time, and they are all marveling at everything he says and does. The maid who is assigned to Kimito gives one of the girls his smart phone to look at, and when she goes to return it to him, she writes a “thank you letter” and then packages the phone in a little gift bag before handing it to him. She then passes out while doing so.

It seems that Aika, while not very smart (none of the girls seem to be very smart when it comes to the real world), is at least able to interact with Kimito normally.

As for the ecchi, so far nothing too crazy. No panty shots, which I’m still hoping we’ll get. What we did get this episode instead was a lot of legs. Long socks and legs. That and this anime uses that style that outlines the girls’ butts / privates despite them wearing a skirt, like somehow their skirts keep getting caught up in there. Not that I’m complaining.

We’ll see where this one goes, but so far it’s a hilarious premise so a little ecchi added in and this should be a real winner I think!

Ecchi Highlights

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  1. Oh man, Shomin FUCKING Sample. One of the funniest ecchis I’ve ever watched.

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