Shomin Sample (Episode 10) – I’ve Been Wondering, What Exactly Is “GET’s”?

Kimito plays a prank on Aika that ends up getting out of hand, and the girls of the commoner club overhear Kimito saying that he wants to leave the school…

I’ve Been Wondering, What Exactly Is “GET’s”?

In this episode, Kimito invites Aika to his room, alone, in order to present her with a yellow suit. He then shows her a famous comedian, and tells her that she’ll be super popular with the other girls if she wears the suit and masters the “GET’s”, a move where you basically make a pointing gesture with both of your hands. Before Kimito can tell Aika he was only messing with her, she takes off, runs into Reiko, and before long, the entire class is in on it.

In addition, Reiko overhears Kimito joking with one of his friends on the phone about wanting to be around more guys, and being homesick. She meets with the other girls and they try to emulate men for Kimito’s sake, until he clears it up.

Episode Thoughts

I don’t know anything about “GET’s” myself, and I’m not invested enough in the anime to actually look it up and see if it’s a thing or not. What I do know is that it’s cute listening to the girls say it in the episode. That said, the episode felt a little dry and not very funny, although overall I feel that Shomin Sample hasn’t been that funny.

Which means the fan service has to pick up the slack, and we did get a little this episode when Kimito bumped into the head maid. A couple highlights and that’s the extent of it this time around. It’s the type of content I would have expected last episode though, considering last episode was all maids.

Ecchi Highlights

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