Shomin Sample (Episode 11) – Is This Not The Sky Kimito-sama Was Looking At?

We’re almost finished Shomin Sample, and they’ve decided to end with a bit of a climax by starting up a little two-part finale. Usually when ecchi anime go this route, it means less fan service as the story is given priority…

Is This Not The Sky Kimito-sama Was Looking At?

The episode starts out with Kimito running into Reiko alone in the classroom. The two chat for a bit and Reiko offers to help Kimito with his flower-arranging (because this is one of their classes) one-on-one. Kimito agrees and Reiko gets excited at the prospect of being alone with Kimito on the weekend.

However, Reiko’s family then arrives and takes her away, as she is to be married to someone belonging to another elite family. Kimito and the club feel hopeless about it, until Aika calls Reiko and finds out that Reiko doesn’t want to go through with it. The club then is contacted by Reiko’s brother, who is also against it, and they commence an operation to break up the engagement.

Episode Thoughts

Is it just me, or is this a really standard trope that we see used in these sort of conclusions? It’s very common for a slice of life anime like this to end with the threat of the core cast being broken up in some way or another. Usually there is a period of hopelessness, followed by renewed hope and then through the power of friendship everyone is brought back together once again.

And it looks like that’s what we’ve got here.

Unfortunately we don’t get much in terms of fan service. Anime like this tend to either end on a more climactic note, like what it seems Shomin Sample is trying to do, or they just pretend that there is no ending and give us regular content till the very end. The problem with the former is that many times the anime puts so much effort into the story of the final episodes that the ecchi takes a back seat. This is what happened in Sekirei as well.

Anyways, the episode was alright, nothing new or exciting really.
I feel like I’ve seen this play out enough in other anime, but I guess one more time can’t hurt.

Episode Highlights

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