Shomin Sample (Episode 12) – Though I Am Inexperienced, Please Accept Me Forever

It’s the finale of Shomin Sample! Kimito and the club engage in a rescue operation in order to get Reiko back and bring things back to the way they were. However, some ridiculous obstacles are in their way!

This post contains one NSFW image!

Though I Am Inexperienced, Please Accept Me Forever

Kimito, the girls, and Reiko’s brother arrive at the estate where the marriage talks are underway between Reiko’s family and some other family. First, Karen holds off a group of guards with her sword. Then Reiko’s brother engages in a fist fight with some guy. Then they face off against some drones and a giant robot, which Karen defeats with her sword, destroying her clothes in the process.

Finally they reach the room, Kimito and Aika give a speech, Reiko breaks down in tears and says she’s leaving the family. Kimito says that he will take her in, causing everyone to mistakenly believe that he was offering to marry her. The engagement is called off, and everyone goes back to school like normal.

Episode Thoughts

Well it was the very expected conclusion. One of these days I’d like to be caught off guard with an ending like this not going according to plan, but the tone of the anime is such that to shift to a sad tone in the end wouldn’t make sense.

The number of obstacles faced in the mansion was comical, and so was the unintentional proposal by Kimito. However, the funniest moment was actually at the very end, as Kimito was called into the Principal’s office, and he’s apologizing for having caused the GET’s trend. The anime ends by showing us some girls greeting each other with a GET’s, and then the commoner club girls also doing it.

Aside from Karen, the surprising decision to show her nipples for a brief moment, and Reiko’s revealing dress, there wasn’t much in terms of fan service. Once again, that’s expected as the anime was more focused on the ending itself. Overall, the episode was alright, but nothing special.

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