Shomin Sample (Episode 2) – Reiko Is Who We Wish To Be Like

Kimito’s new life at an elite all-girl’s school continues with some regular class, a welcome party, and club activities. In addition, we get the first panty shot of the anime!

Reiko Is Who We Wish To Be Like

Kimito is awoken by Miyuki, his assigned maid (that thinks he is trash). He runs into Aika on the way to class, and the two go together until they run into Reiko, the class president and all around “perfect” girl. Reiko invites Kimito to a welcoming party she had organized for him after class.

At the party, the girls are all amazed at a cup of instant ramen. They then dance, and Kimito dances with Reiko. Afterwards, Kimito goes back to his room where Aika was waiting to begin their Commoner Club activities – which ends up being just her reading all of his manga. Aika then tries to activate superpowers of her own just like what she saw in the manga, and Kimito tricks her into believing she had frozen him in time for a short while.

Finally, Kimito goes for a bath only to accidentally walk in on Reiko, causing Reiko to now believe that she will have to marry Kimito…

Episode Thoughts

Shomin Sample is still going strong. By the way I forgot to mention this last post, but “shomin” means “commoner”, hence the name of the anime.

The part where all the girls were marveling at a cup of instant ramen was pretty funny. One of the girls makes a remark like “I’ve seen engravings like this on my grandmother’s pottery before”, which made me laugh. They ended up splitting the single cup amongst all of them, meaning that all the girls basically got a single noodle with some broth. Apparently they loved it.

On the ecchi side, this episode was all we needed I think. We have a confirmed panty shot, so we can expect more to come in the future. That first panty shot is always so important! In addition, we got to see quite a bit of Reiko’s body when she was in the bath. So overall, the episode was good, and it’s established that it’s not afraid to give us fan service!

Ecchi Highlights

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  1. Shomin Sample has nice fanservice scenes. But I do like the series in general so much.

    But I like your work on this page and I like to read your articles.:)
    I have a bad feeling about the future of fanserice and ecchi anime, for example in the latest season there are not any real fanserice or ecchi anime.
    Maybe for example Oresuki do you can take for future articles. This series was really funny.:)

    • OreSuki was pretty good, ive covered it on the site already actually! Hopefully we can still get some fun ecchi anime here and there, but yeah sometimes new seasons dont give us much to work with.

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