Shomin Sample (Episode 3) – It Was Like the Garden of Eden

The life of a commoner in an elite all-girl’s school continues with the introduction of two more characters: a genius and an idiot. Also featuring more panty shots!

It Was Like the Garden of Eden

Kimito comes across a strange little girl scribbling equations on a statue on the school grounds. To his surprise, she then strips right in front of him. Not wanting to be branded a pervert, he grabs her and her clothes and runs to his room. He then dresses her and feeds her, as she is quite incapable, and then takes her back to the “lab” where she lives. Her name is Hakua, and despite appearances, she is a middle-schooler and genius.

And shortly after this, there is another encounter. A girl wielding a katana named Karen approaches Kimito and begins swinging wildly due to a bug that flew into her face. Onlookers believe she is attacking Kimito and calling him an insect – which then causes her to double-down and attack Kimito. Her attacks are so wild that she ends up cutting the clothes off Kimito and the onlookers. Then her own clothes are cut up, and she admits defeat to Kimito, calling him her master (until she finds an opportunity to kill him).

The episode ends with Kimito, Aika, Hakua, and Karen in Kimito’s room.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll get this out of the way first and foremost: I don’t have a problem with loli, but in my opinion Hakua’s appearance is just a bit too small and innocent when compared to other loli. I feel like there are several classes of loli, and Hakua is a different class of loli compared to someone like Yukari from Rosario to Vampire. Anyways, it is what it is, I’ll grab the highlights regardless.

For me the real highlight of the episode was Karen. She’s very dumb, possibly even more than Aika. Which was surprising, because normally a harem doesn’t have two token airheads right? Her sword ability is horrendous and she ended up defeating herself. Although I sensed a masochistic tone when she called Kimito her master and said that he can use her however he wishes.

Karen is that character that puts on a tough face for all of 5 seconds before caving and pouting. I’m expecting many more funny and cutesy scenes with her in future episodes, because I love the exaggerated faces she makes.

Ecchi Highlights

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