Shomin Sample (Episode 4) – The Affair of the Tea Party

Things get a little heated as Aika and Reiko clash for Kimito’s attention. In addition, Hakua, Karen, and Reiko join the Commoner’s Club, and the harem by extension!

The Affair of the Tea Party

Reiko invites Kimito to a tea party that she is holding with her friends, but Aika doesn’t let him go as they are currently planning a little commoner-themed party for the class in their club. At the tea party, Reiko ends up getting upset at her friends for insinuating that Kimito and Aika are a couple.

With the divide between Reiko and her friends, Kimito wants to help fix things. Aika suggests letting him use the little party they were planning to do so, and so Reiko and Kimito use the party to patch up the disagreement. Afterwards Reiko finds out that Aika had helped with the party and goes to Kimito’s room where she gets into a squabble with Aika.

The next day, Karen, Hakua, and Reiko all arrive to Kimito’s room and request to join the club.

Episode Thoughts

I think things were a little overdramatic with Reiko and her friends, but then I guess with these sheltered girls even the smallest things can seem extreme. Reiko also got really mad at Aika for not relying on her and instead distancing herself from everyone. I thought it was pretty odd that Aika would plan the party and not even take part in it – she was absent while it took place in the classroom. She could have easily joined in, but I guess that’s sort of Aika’s issue is that she never does despite wanting to.

Anyways, the squabble resulted in plenty of panty shots. In addition there were quite a few thigh shots this episode, something that I think we’ll see plenty more of throughout the season!

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