Shomin Sample (Episode 5) – Just Friends

The girls take issue with how close Hakua gets to Kimito.
In addition, Reiko and Aika get into another tussle on Kimito’s bed!

Just Friends

Reiko, Aika, and Karen have tea together and discuss Hakua. Reiko and Aika dislike how Hakua is always stealing Kimito’s attention, and stripping down in his room. Karen dislikes that Hakua isn’t giving HER the attention. And so the three have Kimito run an errand when Hakua is about to show up to club, and try to confront Hakua. Hakua ends up reading by herself for the most part, but then just as she’s leaving, she calls the other girls her friends.

Some other time Aika is alone in Kimito’s room reading manga when Reiko arrives. The two discover a commoner drink – Dr. Pepper, and decide to both drink some. But the carbonation catches them off guard and they both end up spitting it out, and getting it all over their clothes. After stripping down, the two end up getting into an argument and tussling on Kimito’s bed again, but this time, in only their bra and panties!

Episode Thoughts

Not bad. On the story front, I’d like to see more of Karen as she made such a great first impression but then she hasn’t gotten too much screen time since then. Hakua is a pretty boring character I think, as she basically acts like a quiet child that really likes Kimito.

The good news though, is that the anime is taking full advantage of Aika and Reiko, giving us plenty of ecchi moments featuring these two. It’s great ecchi content, however they can’t rely on those two alone forever, unless they get creative with more outfits and whatnot. Still, the episode ended on a pretty good note thanks to them!

Ecchi Highlights

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  1. I really liked this episodes, especially in the dub. Anytime Kimito goes on one of this monologues it’s just fucking great.

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