Shomin Sample (Episode 6) – Step Outside

The school has arranged for the girls and Kimito to go on a field trip to “Shominland”, a commoner theme park of sorts! Attractions include a fast food joint, an arcade, and a coffee chain…

Step Outside

The little introductory summary basically said it all! The class goes to Shominland, a recreation of a small city block that includes roads / crosswalks, shops, and things like this. After the girls are done marveling at the buildings and roads, they go to an imitation McDonalds and practice ordering food and whatnot. Then they go to an arcade and play the crane game as well as a dancing game. Finally they go to an imitation Starbucks and get coffee.

Prior to the trip Kimito had taught Aika about commoner practices, and so she is able to garner the attention of her peers at the arcade and “Starbucks”.

Episode Thoughts

On the plus side, it was fun to watch the girls react to everything. Unfortunately there was little to no ecchi this episode though. Overall, it’s a fun episode, but there won’t be much in terms of highlights this time around. Straightforward episode so I don’t have much to say this time around.

Ecchi Highlights

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