Shomin Sample (Episode 7) – The Tsun-Pure in her Element

The field trip to “Commoner Land” continues with a visit to a department store and a hotel. And this is great, because what it means is: clothing change rooms and the hotel public bath!

The Tsun-Pure in her Element

We start out in the clothing department store, where Aika is still getting a lot of attention from the other girls, teaching them about commoner fashion. Meanwhile, Karen eyes up a cute t-shirt that she likes, but is too embarrassed to try on. Seeing this, Kimito orders her, as her master, to try the shirt on.. with some very tight shorts and long socks. The result is beautiful.

After that, Reiko helps Aika write a text message to send to all the other girls apologizing for not interacting with them more, and asking to be friends.

And finally, the next day, Kimito is in the bath when Aika and some girls show up (they didn’t realize that men and women take turns, and thought they could just go in whenever they wanted). This results in the typical “hide from the girls” scene where Aika hides Kimito behind her. However, Kimito passes out and so Aika tries to administer CPR, only to be caught by the other girls…

Episode Thoughts

Wow. If this episode was an apology for the lack of fan service last episode, I accept wholeheartedly. Remember I was asking for more Karen? Well, we got more Karen alright, in all her glory. You can bet she’ll be a waifu of the week soon thanks to content like this.

The bath scene however was a bit disappointing. They even gave us a shot of the girls waists’ underwater but they all were wearing towels the entire time. I’m pretty sure in real life the towel is not supposed to go in the water, but oh well. Karen was so great that I’ll give them a pass on the weak bath scene. Great episode!

Ecchi Highlights

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  1. Karen brings it all the table, putting all other girls to shame.

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