Shomin Sample (Episode 8) – Aika-sama Has a Lot of Friends

Last episode gave us some top notch fan service, and it seems that Shomin Sample isn’t quite finished with Karen and her newly purchased outfit! In addition, Kimito shows the girls a fortune telling app until things get a little out of hand.

Aika-sama Has a Lot of Friends

The episode begins with Kimito showing Aika a fortune-telling app on his phone, which reveals her lucky colour as green. This prompts her to go and put on a skin-tight green outfit. Afterwards, the rest of the club gather and have their fortunes told, as well as their compatibility with Kimito. Karen ends up scoring the highest with a 100 rating.

The next day, emboldened by the fortune, Karen displays some swordsmanship for Kimito, cutting the sleeve of his shirt. She then takes him to her room so she can sew it back up. Karen also dons the skimpy outfit we saw last episode. The other clubmembers arrive looking for Kimito, causing Karen to grab Kimito and hide in her closet. They end up getting discovered, but Kimito just tells the other girls it was a different kind of fortune telling…

Episode Thoughts

Just how much mileage can that outfit get? Someone working on Shomin Sample must have thought the same thing as me and figured we could use more of it, although I’m surprised to see it once again in the very next episode! Still, I can’t complain. It is a shame Karen didn’t end up buying any other outfits, but we did get many new angles for this one.

Other than that, and the few seconds of Aika’s green outfit being shown off, the rest of the episode was fairly fan-service free. The fortune telling part of the episode was alright, but didn’t really make me laugh, as I felt like it was very predictable. Overall, I’d still say this episode was decent thanks to Karen once again.

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