Shomin Sample (Episode 9) – Kagurazaka-sama Is Here

Shomin Sample continues, this time with an episode focusing on maids. Maids, and Hakua’s maids in particular. That’s about it!

Kagurazaka-sama Is Here

During commoner club, Aika asks Kimito about maid cafes. Once he tells the girls about them and their appeal, they decide to reserve the school’s cafeteria in order to try being maids for Kimito. They try but aren’t really able to do it, and then Hakua gets a flash of inspiration, causing her to strip and write on the walls, which then causes Karen to lose it.

After that, Hakua’s maids invite Kimito to the lab where they work and Hakua lives, using themselves as the bait. In reality, they spend the entire time trying to match Kimito and Hakua together, and gushing over the two of them. Eventually, the Head Maid arrives and puts an end to it all.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll be frank here, this episode was the definition of wasted potential.

An episode entirely filled with maids, and we got no fan service! Crazy. I’m not even asking for panty shots necessarily, even just being able to see some thighs would have been nice… Unfortunately all of the maids had proper long dresses on, shutting down any fun ecchi possibilities.

Overall, the episode was alright. Nothing was that funny this time around, and as I’ve already mentioned there was a real lack of fan service. Anime like this can be really hit or miss on an episodic basis. Hopefully we get more next episode!

Episode Highlights

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