Shomin Sample (Season One)

12 episodes of Shomin Sample, what’s the final verdict?
Is Shomin Sample a sleeper hit?
Or perhaps it didn’t quite hit the mark…

Shomin Sample Episode 3 Selfie


Shomin Sample is an ecchi harem anime featuring Kimito Kagurazaka, a common high school boy who finds himself kidnapped and brought to live at an elite all girl’s school in order to give the girls an idea of what a commoner boy is like. The catch is that the school staff believes that Kimito is a homosexual, and loves muscular men, which is why they chose him in the first place.

Great Premise

I really love the premise for Shomin Sample, because it’s so crazy but also just works. Commoner sold out by his parents to live in a secret elite all girls school? That alone is awesome, and in the series leads to some really funny moments. Couple in the whole misunderstanding regarding muscular men, and you’ve got a real winning formula.

It’s basically all one could ask for, and in many ways, it’s a premise that could ONLY work in an ecchi anime!

Shomin Sample Ep9 Head Maid


Unfortunately, Shomin Sample suffers from some serious execution flaws. The fact is, I get more excited reading about the premise than I did actually watching it play out. Shomin Sample does not deliver on the potential of this amazing premise.

I’ll try and break it down here.

First is the “common boy forced to live in a secret elite all girls school” portion. It’s done fairly well, and the bulk of the shows comedy is centered around this, as most of the comedic moments of Shomin Sample revolve around how naive and clueless the girls are of the outside world. My main complaint in regards to this is just that after the first couple of episodes the anime settles into a regular slice of life setting, one where you don’t really feel the “one boy, school of girls” dynamic as much. Still, this part of the anime is great and the best Shomin Sample has to offer.

After that aspect we’ve got the whole “the school thinks Kimito is a homosexual, which is why they chose him and if they were to find out he isn’t a homosexual, they’d have to lock him up as the school is super secret and commoners can’t know about it”. At face value, this sounds hilarious, and I thought it would be going in. Unfortunately, it’s really not. Not even for a second. Instead of Kimito having to try and keep up appearances, this whole dynamic just boils down to a boring gag every once in a while where the head maid sees Kimito with girls and says “I thought you were into men?”, followed by Kimito quickly pulling out his phone with some wrestling video and saying something like “I sure love those muscles!”.

It’s really weak, and may as well not be a part of the anime. The female students don’t even know that Kimito is supposed to be into muscular men, it’s basically only the head maid and the principal. So what happens is this dynamic is basically completely ignored, reduced to a boring gag that comes up maybe 3 or 4 times throughout the entire anime. It’s unfortunate because I think some really good jokes and comedy could have come of it.

Shomin Sample Episode 10 Aika Suit

The Ecchi

As Shomin Sample is an ecchi anime, how’s the ecchi?
It’s pretty good.

I really like how the anime is always accenting girl’s legs, even though their uniform incorporates a skirt. Somehow, you can still see their curves through the skirts, as the skirts are able to bend time and space in order to perfectly fit to the girl’s bodies. It’s great.

In addition, Shomin Sample doesn’t shy away from panty shots and is filled with them, leading to plenty of great fan service. Karen in particular is a great source of ecchi, with her stockings and all, although all of the girls have their moments. Lot of lingerie and great content.

The biggest thing I can even complain about here is the consistency in that there are some episodes where there is little to no fan service, leading to some ups and downs. That said, this is pretty common for anime like this that are trying to do more than just show us panties, as Shomin Sample is just as much of a comedy as it is an ecchi anime.

Final point, there is one character, Hakua, a genius girl who strips off her clothes whenever she gets inspired, that I didn’t like at all. Reason being, she looks like a toddler. Seriously, I don’t know what they were thinking when they made Hakua appear so young. I don’t have a problem with loli if it’s someone like Rory Mercury (from GATE), even Shiro (from No Game No Life) is alright… but Hakua looks like she’s 5 years old. Way too young, a total turnoff. They should have just made her look older. It definitely made me uncomfortable with how young she looks and she’s stripping off her clothes all the time. I ended up omitting many moments featuring her as a result. No thanks!

Series Highlights

Shomin Sample features some great ecchi moments, see for yourself with a couple highlights from the show!

Shomin Sample Episode 2 Aika Butt
Here’s an example of how the girls’ skirts cling to their bodies, giving us some nice curves!


Story / Characters – Average

The premise is great, and there are some funny moments featuring the naive rich girls, but overall the comedy for Shomin Sample just didn’t meet my expectations. I feel like it failed to live up to the premise, and many episodes simply weren’t that funny or entertaining. Average is probably the best word I could use to describe the story, characters, and comedy of this series.

Ecchi Content – Hot

Simply put, Shomin Sample doesn’t disappoint. For the most part, you can expect great fan service. Plenty of panties, butts, and a small variety of outfits too. The only downside I think is that there are some episodes that had little to no fan service, which was a bit of a bummer. That and as usual I felt like the series could have used a little more variety as it got closer to the end, because while the school uniforms are great in the beginning, they get a little old as the show goes on.

Wrapping Up…

Going into Shomin Sample I figured it was an average ecchi series – nothing amazing, but a decent source of ecchi content and possibly some laughs too. The synopsis for the show definitely sells it as something with real potential, but in reality it doesn’t meet that level. If you’re just looking for some mindless, casual ecchi anime to check out though, Shomin Sample fits that bill perfectly.

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