The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 1) – Powerful Skill Set

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Title

Noir is the third son of a baronet, so he’s basically just your average guy, which means that his job at the library was taken from him by a viscount’s son. His only option is to enter hero school, but he’s not that strong…

Powerful Skill Set

So, Noir’s heritage is holding him back, however, he does have one skill – Great Sage, which is incredibly rare. However, whenever he uses it, he gets crippling headaches. Luckily, his childhood friend who was about to start work with him at the library before that was yanked out from beneath him has discovered that the last known person to have Great Sage would kiss one of his wives to take away the pain…

Even better, she’s willing to help him out. After all, they have known each other most of their lives. Since Noir’s only option is the hero school and there’s a tough admission process, he asks the Great Sage how he can efficiently strengthen himself. The Great Sage tells him of a hidden dungeon and how to enter it. There he will find all the power he needs. Also, the kissing helped… but, better do some more just to make sure.

Inside the dungeon, Noir finds a woman chained up. Olivia can talk to him in his head, but she died long ago, her body preserved by the death chains. After talking to him for a while, she agrees to help him get stronger and gives him her skills. He now has the power to create, edit, and delete whatever he wants. It will require life points which he can power up by doing fun things like eating, being extravagant, and sex!

With the admission test coming up fast, Noir needs to power up so he rests his head on his sister’s lap, kisses his best friend, Emma Brightness. To thank her for her help, he decides to edit her boobs, making them smaller so that they don’t hurt her back. She is horrified and demands he puts them back. Don’t we all!

For the admission test, they work in groups of three. Emma has joined him and they find another snooty girl who decides they should split up. Noir heads back to the dungeon and defeats a Dead Reaper using his new skills. When the results are announced, they are surprised to discover that they are in first place with almost ten times as many points.

Episode Thoughts

There are a lot of fairly interesting fantasy concepts in this series, most of which have been done before, but they help to give this world structure and rules. Then, we have Emma and Olivia who are undoubtedly the stars of the show. I’m not sure what Noir was thinking by shrinking Emma’s boobs, but it’s a good job he fixed it because he was going to get punched by Emma and every single person watching this episode.

On top of the delightful Emma and her cute and innocent manner, we have Olivia who is wild and snarky – just what this series needs. My guess is that she may have been viewed as evil back when she was the best adventurer and tricked into this dungeon. Could she be a demon lord? The idea that Noir has to recharge his life points by enjoying life is great and I can only see good things in our future. I asked the Great Sage and he confirmed it!

Ecchi Highlights


Kissing Might Help!

Dungeon Master?

A Quick Change!

Admissions Test!

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