The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 2) – The Guild and the Receptionist

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Title

Needing to earn a large sum of money to pay his entrances fee to the Hero Academy, Noir joins a guild. However, when Emma finds out what he’s done, she’s mad because she wants to join him!

The Guild and the Receptionist

The entrance fee to the Hero Academy is pretty steep. So much so that Noir had to ask his father for help. He’d stashed some money away and seemed pretty happy to be able to help his son, however, it was way more than he had. So, the only way Noir was going to get it in the week before school starts was to earn it.

He headed down to the local adventurer’s guild and was greeted by a cute and cheerful receptionist. She asked Noir to write down his skills and was angry to see that he was not taking things seriously. Noir thought she was talking about the skills that he had given himself with his creator skill, but she was actually referring the creator skill along with the others he got from Olivia. It turns out Olivia was a member of the same guild and many have tried to claim to be her successor.

Noir had to prove it by placing his hand on a magic tome, however, before doing so he asked what she would do if he wasn’t lying. Seeing no chance that she was wrong, Lola agreed to call him her lord and show him her panties, but that was never going to happen… wasn’t it!

After seeing Lola’s panties and gaining some more life points, Noir went on his first quest to find some hard to find grasshoppers. He needed to use Great Sage to find them and even with a headache resistance skill, he still got headaches. Luckily, or not, Emma showed up and helped relieve the headaches, but only after trying to hit him.

They returned to the guild and collected Noir’s reward. It was good, but not enough so they took on another one, Emma signing up to the guild too this time. This one was to kill a rabbit that was terrorising the nearby area. The rabbit was too strong. Noir realised he could upgrade Emma’s skills but needed a quick boost in life points. He asked to nibble on her ear…

Episode Thoughts

On the whole, this series is kind of derpy. That said, I am really enjoying it. This is definitely one of those series that you can just sit back and enjoy. Emma is still the star of the show, but Noir’s attempts to gain life points will no doubt continue to get more and more ridiculous as the series goes on.

Yes, everything was kind of easy in the end, but then it should be with the skills that Noir has inherited from Olivia. I do feel sorry for her that he’s not been to visit her in a while. It was a funny episode with some nice action. I’m expecting this to continue as it is without too much development, but that’s not a bad thing.

Ecchi Highlights

Joining the Guild!

First Quest!


Catch the Rabbit!

The Spoils!

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