The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 10) – Plaintive Betrayal

The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

Basara has been captured and handed over to Zest, Zolgia’s assistant. In order to keep him occupied, Zolgia has Maria use her succubus powers on him. It’s also a test of her loyalty!

Plaintive Betrayal

After handing Basara over to Zest, she impales him and then burns his body before taking Basara into the castle. There she hands him over to Maria so that she can occupy him until Zolgia has taken Mio’s power. Basara wakes in a strange room, chained to an extravagant bed. Maria begins to seduce him, but he tries to resist, insisting that she is not acting like herself.

Maria activates her trump card, which increases her succubus powers to unbelievable levels, making it impossible for Basara to resist. She seduces him, completely bewitching him and turning him into her sex slave. But then, he somehow manages to break free from her grasp and tries to fight his way out.

Yuki who had been following Basara’s commands from outside Zolgia’s castle finds her way in and attacks Zest, freeing Mio. Together they defeat Zest, but then Zolgia shows up and they are suddenly helpless to fight back. Luckily, Basara escaped from Maria’s clutches and arrives just in time.

Episode Thoughts

I’ve been thinking for a long time now that Maria is my favourite character in this series by a long way, although she’s also not my type. Now, if there was a way for Maria to have Mio’s body, I would be helpless to resist and gladly become her plaything. Well, would you believe it? Maria has a trump card that makes her stronger and more buxom to go with her lust for life! Step forward, my dream girl! This post is definitely not safe for work beyond here!

Ecchi Highlights

Zest Betrays Lars!

Basara has been Captured!

Maria Plays her Trump Card!

Basara Can’t Resist!

Actually he Can!

Yuki Saves Mio!

Zolgia Arrives!

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  1. Maria was my girl when I watched this show!!! Total Waifu material before her rather brilliant transformation! You guys are making me want to go back and watch this again!

    • Haha! Join us… rewatch all the ecchi…

      Maria is awesome. I love her attitude and lust for, well, lust. Can you have a lust for lust? If you can, Maria has it.

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