The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 11) – Espionage… What Lies After

The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

Zolgia is determined to take Mio and Basara’s powers and make them his own, but can he really defeat them? And hang on, didn’t Lars die…

Espionage… What Lies After

Basara attacks Zolgia after he said something about his father, but his attacks are easily deflected. That’s not enough to stop Basara though, he jumps straight back in and continues to fight. After a big blow from Zolgia, Basara succumbs to his mind tricks and finds himself on a bed with all of the girls from the series so far.

Luckily, Basara isn’t into that sort of thing and snaps out of it. He returns to the fight, landing a minor blow on Zolgia before Maria reappears still in her trump card form. She is about to attack Zolgia when he shows her a live feed of her mother trapped in a cell and then boom, she explodes into a puddle of blood.

Maria is distraught, but Mio completely loses it and almost kills Zolgia. She would have if not for Basara’s intervention, allowing Zolgia to flee, but Lars finds him outside of the castle and reveals why he has an interesting in him. Turns out Mio’s parents were also were Lars’ adoptive parents and he too wants revenge.

Zolgia plays his final card, transforming his castle back into a monster from the demon realm, trapping Basara, Mio, Maria, Zest, and Maria’s mother within. If the monster wakes up, the world could be destroyed!

Episode Thoughts

This episode basically highlighted my biggest issue with this series. There is no sense of danger and the characters are basically flat copies of other characters. The action is boring and just like episode 7 it went on for a whole episode and that makes it hard to ignore. When this show is focusing on the ecchi content, it is hotter than hell, but the rest of the time it’s a complete snoozefest! There are some not safe for work images, but not loads!

Ecchi Highlights

Zolgia’s Mind Tricks!

The Battle!

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