The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 13) – The Hard, Sweet Daily Life of Toujou Basara

The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

The “story” is over and now it’s time for an end of season OVA… You’d better grab hold of something this is going to be one wild ride!

The Hard, Sweet Daily Life of Toujou Basara

Maria finds Mio dreaming about Basara and attempts to peek in on her dream, but she uses the wrong spell and ends up playing the role of Basara. Not one to miss an opportunity, Maria jumps into the role and undresses the sleeping Mio, fondles her boobs, sucks her nipples, and then realises she has a banana on her…

Basara wasn’t too impressed to find Maria up to no good and knocked some sense into her. She apologized by offering him some food she’d been preparing. After Basara had swallowed his first bite, Maria revealed that it was a stew made with Mio’s panties…

Yuki, feeling left out, removed her panties and demanded that Basara eat them too! When he refused, she took off her shirt and bra. Seriously though, Basara has a really hard life!

At school, Basara went to the nurse’s office and found Chisato wearing a fairly revealing swimsuit. She’s having problems undoing it and asks Basara to help. He applies some lotion and pulls. The zipper flies open and Chisato’s boobs pop out. He’s a little embarrassed, but she’s grateful and invites him to dinner…

Chisato drives Basara to her house where she prepares him a home-cooked meal and reveals that she has no romantic experience and is often asked for advice by the students. She’s hoping he can help her! Next thing he knows, Chisato has come into the bath and is washing his back with her boobs. One thing leads to another and eventually, Basara passes out…

Episode Thoughts

This series hasn’t exactly had the greatest story to pull you through, but it has had some great ecchi moments. The end of season OVA is an example of what they could do if they just abandoned the less than average story and focused on having fun. Sure, it’s fairly stupid and is just a series of outrageous scenarios, but it was pretty hot. I am yet to discover why Basara keeps blacking out when the good part happens and it’s getting a little annoying. That said, if he didn’t this would probably have to be reclassified as hentai! This post is absolutely not safe for work, you have been warned!

Ecchi Highlights


The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 13 Maria nude Holding Banana between Legs

Home Cooking!

A Helping Hand!

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 13 Basara finds Chisato in Swimwear

All You Can Eat!

Bath Time!

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  1. The only good episode, or rather half a good episode.

    The Chisato and Basara scene is still one of the best ecchi scenes to date, and the only, ONLY moment where he actually has independent sexual actions instead of being driven by the plot. This scene could have opened so many doors the series could have gone down. It’s a fucking SHAME that it didn’t.

    Still hot as shit though.

    • It was good, but I wouldn’t call it the best, although that’s entirely subjective. I’m finding Basara to be more and more annoying, but Chisato is a delight. No arguements there.

      I don’t understand the whole Basara blacking out thing and why they felt it was necessary.

      • It’s part of “the game’ that Ecchi have to play in order, as you said, not to be classified as a hentai. They can’t show the sex, so they go RIGHT up to the line of what they can show, then come up with various ways to blue-ball them. Every Ecchi does this, everyone.

        Now in the later light novels, the author finally goes “screw it” and they all start fucking, but once you do that, you cross the Rubicon so to speak. Once the characters starting having sex, the usual ecchi stuff seems tame in comparison. As I once said, you can’t go back once you’ve gone there.

      • “I don’t understand the whole Basara Blacking out thing and why they felt it was necessary” Maybe you were blinded by Chisato’s beauty or something and completely misread the episode. The reason why Basara “blacks out” is because Chisato performs paizuri, causing him to cum for the first time, and as a result of that he passes out. The episode serves as a crossing the rubicon for their relationship.

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