The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 3) – Reunion and a Gap in Trust

The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

Basara and Yuki had a lengthy chat about his involvement with Mio. She warned him that Mio’s presence was attracting demons and there was too many, she would have to intervene!

Reunion and a Gap in Trust

Mio overheard most of the conversation and became jealous of Yuki, activating the curse. This, in turn, made her feel even worse. Maria suggested that she should do something nice for Basara for letting them stay with him and for protecting her from the demons. Maybe a cake and a nice relaxing bath would do?

Well, they got the cake, but the bath was anything but relaxing as Mio washed Basara’s back with her boobs. Maria continued to direct the show and then showed up with a piece of cake. Basara tried to tell her to take the cake out of the bathroom, but she dropped it on his arm and then proceeded to like it off. Mio joined in until Basara couldn’t take any more and grabbed the cake and rubbed it all over their bodies…

Unfortunately, this was all a dream as Basara woke in his bed with cotton buds up his nostrils and Maria lying beside him. He told Maria about the demons being drawn to Mio’s presence so they spent their nights hunting demons. More demons appeared at the school and Yuki decided that it was time for her to step in and put an end to Mio!

Episode Thoughts

So, that was pretty steamy… or it wasn’t really, but we got to see the dream so at least we got that much. Maria still continues to be the most entertaining character and without her devilish cheek, Mio and Basara would be like an old married couple that got their kicks from playing scrabble. The fight between Mio and Yuki was entertaining but mostly for the excellent panty shots. These animators really do put a lot of effort into their bums and panties. It’s top-quality work! And, I hope it goes without saying that the images below are not safe for work!

Ecchi Highlights

Eaves Dropping!

Yuki’s Warning!


Would you like some Cake?

All a Dream!

The Testament of Sister New Devil Episode 3 Basara was it a Dream

Hello Nurse!

The Testament of Sister New Devil Episode 3 Chisato

Demons Attack!

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  1. Right here is example one of the show almost reaching a moment of genuine greatness, but completely shitting the bed. This not being a dream and Basara struggle between his desires and his duty would have been a great character arc. Why doesn’t that happen?

    And why am I putting WAY too much thought into softcore porn: the anime?

    • For real, man! Let it go. It would have been really interesting to see Basra’s actually have to deal with some of these feelings, but it was not to be. They blew the budget on animating boobs and bums and there was nothing left for character development.

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