The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 6) – Bearing Growing Emotions

The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

Basara takes Yuki on a date to the mall, but Mio and Maria show up. Then Valga appears and finally, the heroes make their move. I don’t think Yuki is too happy with the way it went!

Bearing Growing Emotions

So, the date ended up being a complete bust, but at least Valga was taken care off. However, it’s not all easy going as Basara, Mio, and Maria will have to fight the heroes to get them to back off and leave Mio alone. Yuki has been drafted into the hero team and isn’t overly happy about it.

Basara, Maria, and Mio do some training in an attempt to prepare for the fight, but they need to get stronger if they are to have a chance. Maria has an idea and it involves using the succubus curse. Once the curse is activated, both Master and Servant will get a power boost if the curse is released. And the dirtier the better. Maria does her best to get Basara in the mood and then Mio comes in to complete the task.

Of course, Maria is one step ahead of the game and gives Basara some syrup to pour over Mio. Damn it, Maria is one dirty girl! Things go exceedingly well and all receive a big power-up. The next day they prepare for the fight. Basara has a quick chat with Lars and then meets with Yuki in private and gives her a key to his house. Whatever he’s planning will have to wait, as it’s time to fight the heroes.

Episode Thoughts

The first time I watched this series was with subtitles and it was heavily censored. So much so, that I barely recognized this episode and wow! Just wow! If you’re going to watch The Testament of Sister New Devil make sure it is an uncensored version because it’s like watching a different series. Sure, the characters are mostly fairly boring, but the ecchi delights more than make up for any shortcomings in the story and character department. The rest of this post is absolutely not safe for work!

Ecchi Highlights

It’s a Date!

Valga Crashes the Party!

The Heroes Make their Move!

Some Light Training!

Maria has a Plan!

Mio’s Feeling Left Out!

I Want to Help!

Here’s Some Syrup!

Versus the Heroes!

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