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The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

After a day pining over Yuki who was taken back to the hero village, she shows up at Basara’s house and tries to kiss him. When Mio catches them, she says she wants to have a Master/Servant pact too!

Erotic Succubus Out of Control

So, Yuki came back and appears to have moved in with Basara, Mio, and Maria. She also wants to have a Master/Servant pact with Basara which shocks both Basara and Mio, but Maria is delighted… of course, she is! Anyhow, Basara says she should take some time to think about it and Maria shows Yuki the syrup incident which she videoed!

Mio and Yuki have a fight over Basara which extends into their swimming lesson. Basara spots Maria sneaking around the school and goes to investigate. He ends up accompanying her to the girls’ bathroom, the rooftop where they watch a couple making out, and then finally the girls’ locker room.

Maria finds Mio’s panties and puts them on Basara’s head. Before he can react they here people coming and hide in Mio’s locker. Maria takes advantage of this to take out some of her sexual frustrations. Mio opens the locker to find Basara with her panties on his head and Maria with her head inside his shirt, licking his chest.

This is bad enough, but then Mio gets jealous and the curse activates. In order to make the most of it, Maria and Basara take Mio to the shower and Basara helps her break the curse and give them both a power boost!

Episode Thoughts

This series cannot make its mind up. One episode is tame and barely gives us a single panty shot and in an episode-long fight no less. And then when you’re about to give up, it does something like this and totally redeems itself. That’s right! This is one of those borderline hentai episodes and it’s awesome. Not only did we have the funniest moment in the series so far, with Basara being caught in Mio’s locker with her panties on his head, but the shower scene was insanely hot. As you may well expect, this post is beyond this point is not safe for work!

Ecchi Highlights

Yuki’s Back!

Mr Popular!

Girl’s Changing Room!

Searching for Something!

Shower Power!

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