The Testament of Sister New Devil (Season One)

The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

A Fallen Hero takes it upon himself to protect the daughter of a Demon Lord, although a Succubus makes things a little more interesting… sorry, way more interesting!

The Overview

Basara’s father remarried and he gained two new sisters in the arrangement, only there was no mother and the two sisters were devils… He sent them packing, after revealing that he was from the hero clan only to find out that his father knew and took them in regardless. Now, Basara finds himself becoming their sworn protector and putting himself at odds with the devils and the heroes.

In order the protect Mio, Basara agrees to a master-servant pact performed by Maria, a Succubus, but it goes wrong and Mio becomes Basara’s servant. When she refuses to complete the pact a curse activates, one that can only be lifted by arousing the host enough. So begins their unusual relationship, but at least they have Maria around to help…

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 5 Maria inside Basara's shirt

The Story

There is a story here, but it’s not that engaging. The balance between the ecchi elements and story is massively skewed in favor of the ecchi stuff which is fine, but the story really suffers. As a result, I think it impacts the ecchi side of things as everybody feels kind of stiff and just going through the motions. It lacks a lot of the energy and enthusiasm that it deserves. Also, at no point did it feel like anyone was in any real danger.

The Characters

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 8 Basara Caught with Mio's Panties on his Head

Basara Tojo is the hero of the story and as lifeless as they come. He’s a teenage boy who has been thrust into the most unbelievable of situations and he can’t even get remotely excited about it. Straight away this makes it really hard to relate to him and things just seem to get worse as the series goes on.

The Testament of Sister New Devil Episode 1 Mio Wakes Basara

Mio Naruse is the daughter of the late Demon Lord and is hunted for the power she inherited. She doesn’t know how to use that power yet and as such needs Maria and Basara to protect her. Mio is stunning and has an incredible body, but her personality seems to bounce all over the place. One minute she’s mad at everyone and the next she’s jealous of Yuki for getting close to Basara.

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 10 Trump Card Maria Determined

Maria Naruse is the Succubus who plays the little sister role and is easily the best character in the series. She is naughty and always looking to exploit any advantage she can find. In this story, she’s the only one that seems to enjoy what she does and it tells. It definitely gives her character more life than anyone else and once she uses her trump card and her body changes… well, let’s just say she becomes perfect!

The Testament of Sister New Devil Episode 3 Yuki Fights Mio Panties

Yuki Nonaka was a childhood friend of Basara from the hero village who was assigned to watch over Mio and make sure that she doesn’t cause any trouble. She also has a long-time crush on Basara and eventually comes to his side, even forming her own master-servant pact with him. Yuki is fairly cold and emotionless, but at least she’s not afraid to go after what she wants. Again, if she’d just show a little more life.

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 5 Lars and Basara

Lars (Yahiro Takigawa) is a devil that poses as a high school student and is watching Mio from the devil faction. He is fairly pragmatic and makes an agreement with Basara so that he can get what he wants. He is also fairly monotone, but he isn’t really what the series is all about, so Lars gets a pass.

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 5 Chisato

Chisato Hasegawa is the school nurse and watches over Basara. She only appeared in a couple of episodes and most notably the OVA (episode 13) and is also quite the looker. It would have been nice to see more of her and not just in the sense you’re thinking. Again more life was needed and as I watched the subbed and dubbed version, I can rule out the voice actors performances as being responsible.

Fan Service

This is what this series excels at. The visuals are incredible and actually work better as screenshots. That’s because the ecchi stuff seems kind of forced and it doesn’t help that the characters don’t exactly seem to be into it, with the exception of Maria, but it takes two to tango. There are some amazing moments and the bodies of the girls are excellent. I just really wish they’d shown a little more interest. Even Basara didn’t seem to be into it, which is absurd.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Average

With all of those complaints, I’m still giving it an average rating. It did manage to raise some interesting ideas and there was a story as unconvincing as it was for the most part. It certainly doesn’t make me want to watch the second season, but I know that the ecchi content will no doubt make up for it. I just want the characters to look like they’re enjoying themselves… even just a little bit, but it all seems like a chore.

Ecchi Rating: Smoking

I can’t help but give this a smoking rating. It is so close the hentai that I dare not, but it doesn’t have the same raw energy as shows like Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? or High School DxD. There is a lot to look at and enjoy, but without the passion, it might as well be a highlights reel which is great for us, because that’s what we do here.


If you just want to look at semi-naked girls in compromising positions then you’ll get a kick out of this, but if you want a little story and some convincing characters, you may be disappointed. I hadn’t seen this series coming into it and had heard a lot of the hype and even seen some of the grievances. My opinion puts it right in the middle as I believe this to be an average series that tries too hard.

Some episodes are focused entirely on fights and seem to make a mess of even that. Anyone that’s watched any ecchi shows with fights in, knows that there’s going to be some clothing shredding action or awkward camera angles, but this series doesn’t even get that right. The action sequences are dull and like my criticism for the series on the whole lack any life or energy.

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 12 Mio and Yuki pressuring Maria

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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