Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 2) – The False Fiancée

Tsugu Tsugumomo Title

Sunao asked Kazuya to come to her house so that they can discuss something important. Of course, he has no idea exactly what it is and what he’s going to have to do. Meanwhile, Kiriha revealed some shocking information!

The False Fiancée

The episode opening with Kazuya discussing a dream with Kukuri and Kiriha spilling some big news to Sunao about Kazuya’s mother. I’m not saying anything, however, so if you want to know, you’ve got to watch it. Anyhow, the real meat of the episode beings when Kazuya arrives at Sunao’s house and is almost murdered by Sunao’s father, Susumu, but then he is quickly disposed of by Sunao’s mother, Suzuri. Sunao is quick to get to the point and tells Kazuya that she needs him to pretend to be her boyfriend or she’ll be disinherited for losing to him in a duel.

Kazuya agrees, but then things take a turn. Suzuri is not so easy to convince and she has prepared a nice hot bath for the couple to enjoy. She’s also going to stay in the room to witness their love for herself. Sunao’s father is still not too happy with the idea and is lying in wait in the bathtub to attack Kazuya. Unfortunately, his attack hits Sunao instead. Next up for the happy couple is a bed. This time Suzuri isn’t going to stay in the room, but she will wait at the door and you better believe she is going to check afterwards! Of course, Susumu attempts to stop them and screws it up again. Kazuya and Sunao attempt to say that they finished but after a quick inspection, Suzuri takes them both to her punishment room!

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty simple episode but also a lot of fun. I loved the crazy dynamic of Sunao’s parents and especially how they met. Suzuri is definitely a little old-school, but her heart is actually in the right place. She is making out that Sunao must marry Kazuya because she lost to him and it would stain the family honour, but in actual fact, it’s because she was able to glean from what Sunao said about Kazuya that she did love him and would be too stubborn to do anything about it.

On top of all that, Susumu’s interventions were hilarious and every time, he just made things worse or hurt Sunao. It was a little surprising not seeing Kazuya getting beat up for once. I’m also fully on board with the Sunao and Kazuya pairing. She’s become a much more interesting character since last season.

Ecchi Highlights


How Sunao’s Parents Met!

Couples Bath!


Don’t Lie to Suzuri!

The Beginnings!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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