Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 3) – Shirou-kun’s Big Day!

Tsugu Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya is back to looking for amasogi, but there doesn’t appear to be anything promising in the suggestion box. Shirou has to leave as he has a girl to ask out… yeah, another one! Will he ever get lucky?

Shirou-kun’s Big Day!

Unfortunately, Shirou put his love letter in the wrong shoe locker and was unable to stop the girl from actually agreeing to go out with him. Mizushima is a petite girl who has been striving to better her best friend for years and now it looks like she’s about to do it. Manana was pretty upset when she found out and tried to convince Mizushima to break up with Shirou. She would not, however, not long later Shirou revealed his mistake and how he’d meant to give the letter to Manana. Terrible timing, dude! Mizushima was clearly upset, but something weirder happened. Shirou’s Malison sensor was acting up and when he questioned Mizushima she ran off.

Kazuya and Kiriha waited outside Manana’s house expecting Mizushima to show up to take care of her once and for all, however, that didn’t happen and we soon learnt that Manana had given Mizushima an amasogi pair of running shoes which had slowed her down. It turned out that Manana was in love with Mizushima and felt that she wouldn’t have a chance unless she could make Mizushima want to be her. Distraught at the revelation, Manana was possessed by the amasogi and chased after Kazuya and Mizushima. The fight was fast and intense, but brought to a stop when Mizushima kissed Manana, much to Kazaya’s surprise.

However, some evil dude (probably the main villain of this season) seemed to make the amasogi go wild and completely take over. That forced Kazuay and Kiriha to use Divine Possession despite Kukuri’s warnings and defeat the amasogi. The next day, Manana came to their club room in a wheelchair. This was her Malison atonement. It also turned out that the shoes were slowing Mizushima’s growth too and now she was just the sort of busty babe that Shirou liked. Of course, he asked her out and was instantly shot down.

Episode Thoughts

This series is excellent and this was another great episode. I think it does an incredible job of changing the tone and severity of the story while keeping the ecchi elements without making them feel forced. Seriously though, Manana was something else. Instant waifu material and when she got into the sprinters starting stance to chase after Kazuya… well, that was an incredible moment (16:27 if you’re looking for it).

This episode took on the darker tone of my favourite episode from season one. They even mentioned the events of that episode too, which was a nice touch. I get the feeling there are going to be more episodes like this one as the season progresses. I’m really enjoying this series and am glad I decided to pick up the first season when I saw the second was being released.

Ecchi Highlights

Shirou’s Problems!

The Amasogi Revealed!

Oh Yeah!

How all Fights Should End!

It’s not over yet!


Mid-Episode Transitions!

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