Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 5) – Sunao and Kotetsu

Tsugu Tsugumomo Title

Sunao comes to seek Kazuya and Kiriha’s help as Kotetsu hasn’t woken up from their duel and she’s starting to get worried. She hopes to visit a spirit stone that will allow her to talk to Kotetsu and needs their strength.

Sunao and Kotetsu

Kotetsu has been repaired and returned to Sunao, but he still won’t wake up. Her local Goddess informs her that Kotetsu is still there, but he’s fading. She informs Sunao of a location with a stone altar that has been bathed in spiritual energy for centuries and that there she may be able to talk to Kotetsu and find out what’s wrong. Of course, it will be dangerous so she enlists Kazuya and Kiriha to come with her.

When they get there, they are surprised to find themselves in a large room with attached bath. Kiriha is never one to turn down a gift and quickly ushers them all into the bath. After embarrassing Kazuya, Kiriha turns her attention to Sunao who is also suitably embarrassed.

The next day they head to the altar and see Kotetsu, but all of the Amasogis that he has fought appear. Kazuya and Kiriha fight them off, but then the one that killed Sunao’s brother appears and eats Kotetsu. Finally, Kotetsu awakens and bonds with Sunao to form a Divine Possession and defeat the Amasogi. They return to the hotel where Sunao is unable to move after the union. Kiriha blindfolds Kazuya and Kotetsu and makes them bathe Sunao… When they finally get home, they discover that the hotel was paid for by Taguri in exchange for three days with Kukuri!

Episode Thoughts

There was some touching moments with Sunao as she realised how poorly she’d treated Kotetsu and equally how he assumed he’d failed her and her brother. However, the real joy in this episode was, of course, the bathroom scenes and yes, there were multiple ones. Even the bedroom scene was pretty good too, although I did feel a little sorry for Sunao as she likes Kazuya and I’m already committed to that relationship. I guess, Kiriha comes as part of the package…

This series continues to be fun and entertaining while also managing to fit in some darker moments and even some sweet moments. There’s definitely more to it that just Kiriha beating on Kazuya, but that’s also fun too.

Ecchi Highlights

Let’s Go!

Time to Clean Up!

Bed Time!

Divine Possession!

Bathtime Again!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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