Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 7) – Versus

Tsugu Tsugumomo Title

Akito and Mimane bump into Kazuya and Kiriha at the arcade and all end up getting sucked into a fighting game Amasogi. How will they keep the fact that they are masterless Tsugumomo themselves a secret!


Mimane seems almost certain to give the game away when she calls Kazuya and Kiriha by name. Luckily she’s able to tell them that she goes to their school, which works, especially as Kazuya recognises Akito. Azami doesn’t look too happy that they are getting too close to the Malison Cleansers, but before she can do anything about it, they are all pulled into a video game where they will have to fight if they are to escape.

During the fight, Akito is very careful not to give away his true identity, but Mimane doesn’t seem to care and despite Akito’s warnings, she uses her mirror powers. After they’ve escaped from the game, Mimane confirms that she is a Tsugumomo and Kazuya assumes that Akito is her master, which is the best he can hope for at this stage. Azami is still not happy, however.

After revealing to the others that Kazuya and Kiriha know about Mimane, Akito and Arumi are pulled into another game. This time it’s a dating game and Kazuya and Kiriha are there too. They have to answer questions as a couple and if they get them wrong they are sent back to the beginning and lose an item of clothing. Akito and Arumi manage to defeat the game, but are then invited to join Kazuya’s club, which Akito is unable to refuse because Kiriha has some dirt on him from Mimane.

Episode Thoughts

While this episode didn’t go all out in the ecchi stakes, although there were some nice moments, it was hilarious. The humour more than made up for it. Mimane was probably the funniest thing in the episode, especially how she seemed determined to give the game away and basically did the complete opposite of whatever Akito asked her to do. Then, in the second game, Akito and Arumi managed to convince them that they were siblings, but once outside they were helpless to refuse Kazuya’s invitation. Seeing Akito having to explain how badly things had gone to the rest of his group was brilliant.

We got another scene after the credits this week and it was all about the question that Kiriha got wrong in the dating game, assuming that she was Kazuya’s number one girl. When she revealed this to Kukuri, Kokuyou, and Kasumi, they all assumed it might be them. Luckily, Bakura, the busty dream pillow Tsugumomo allows them all to enter Kazuya’s dream to see who he really thinks is number one…

Ecchi Highlights

The Meet!

Round 1!

Round 2!

Round 3!

Round 4!

Round 5!

Round 6!

The Dating Game!

Number One (Self-loving)!

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