Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 9) – Assassins

Tsugu Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya and his friends face off against the assassins determined to kill Kukuri and take her shard, but can they defeat such old Tsugumomo. Also, what is going on in Mayoiga that they would dare to attack so brazenly?


They all split up to take the assassin on and in typical shounen fashion they each appeared to be struggling. It looked like they were all going to be defeated… until… Kazuya forced Kiriha to perform Divine Possession and took the fight to the sadistic flute Tsugumomo. He produced a soundproof barrier and then pulled his final blow, stopping just short of killing her.

Akito took on the axe Tsugumomo and it was revealed that neither really liked the other. Again, it appeared Akito was about to lose when his opponent used a scissor case against him. Akito was ready for it, however, and used iron birch chopsticks to neutralise the axe. Then, he landed the final blow and rushed to find the other after Mimane speculated that there was more to the attack.

Taguri had toyed with the shield and fan Tsugumomo for long enough and unleashed a massive beam attack, destroying them. They all rushed to Kukuri’s shrine where she was being attacked by another group of Tsugumomo. Even in her weakened state, she made them look like a bunch of tools… After the fighting had finished, only the flute Tsugumomo remained unbroken, but she’d also run out of spirit energy so couldn’t be questioned. Kukuri gave it to Kazuya to awaken her.

Episode Thoughts

There was almost no ecchi content until the delightful scene after the ED where Kukuri and Taguri took Kazuya to the bathroom. In his weakened state after using Divine Possession, he was helpless to resist and Taguri seemed to be enjoying herself just as much. It was hilarious and continues the bathing theme.

Otherwise, the action was excellent and the fight scenes are always a real joy to watch. It was fairly silly to attempt to make us think they were going to lose, but whatever, the win was just as satisfying. Kazuya’s win in particular. However, the real showstopper was Kukuri taking on a group of six Tsugumomos and completely obliterating them. It was epic. We definitely need more fight scenes and dare I say it, more bath scenes…

Ecchi Highlights


The Real Attack!

I guess it’s Bath Time!

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