Tsugumomo (Episode 10) – Naked in the Futon

Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya is having a hard time after finding out the Nanako’s voice was taken as the Malison atonement, but he doesn’t have much time to think about it as another Malison Cleanser just punched him in the face!

Naked in the Futon

After being punched in the face, Kazuya could only lie there as his attacker leapt into the air to deliver another blow. He managed to dodge, the first one, but she was relentless. Finally, Kiriha emerged and returned the fight. However, she was too strong for even Kiriha and when Kiriha finally managed to project an attack, her tsugumomo appeared and cut down Kiriha’s attack. The attacker revealed herself to be Sunao Sumeragi and she was a Malison Cleanser.

Dissatisfied with Kazuya’s abilities she demanded that they go and speak with the local god about the situation, unaware that the local god lived at Kazuya’s house. Sunao revealed that her brother had been a Malison Cleanser before he was killed by an amasogi. She desperately wanted to avenge him and tracked the amasogi. However, Kazuya’s mother had gotten to it first so she transferred her vengeance on her instead… After many attempts to defeat her, Sunao returned to find that she had died and Kazuya was now the Cleanser. She plans on duelling to decide who gets to be the local Malison Cleanser.

Kazuya, however, has had enough and is determined to hide in his bed. He’s frustrated that everything bad is happening because the Madison is drawn to him. Kiriha tries to kick him out of the bed but fails. Next, she dives in with him and strips them both. It’s still not done it, but it’s a step in the right direction. Finally, she reveals that even though she is a cold psychopath, she is his cold psychopath and will always be with him. Soon after, she returns to her original form just as Kasumi and Kukuri walk into Kazuya’s room!

Episode Thoughts

This was nowhere near as good the last episode, but it was a lot of fun. Sunao started off as an intriguing addition to the series, but then it soon became apparent that she was nuts. The way she treats her tsugumomo should tell you everything you need to know about her, but if that wasn’t enough, who transfers their vengeance to the person that defeated the monster that killed your brother and was the original target of your vengeance? She’s just crazy! I was very happy to see Kiriha return to her normal form and it was almost a sweet moment between her and Kazuya, had she not just tried to turn him into a eunuch. I’m looking forward to the fight in the next episode and hopefully, Kiriha will teach Sunao how to behave!

Ecchi Highlights


The Attack!

An Audience with the Local God!

The Futon!


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