Tsugumomo (Episode 11) – Duel

Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya had one week to prepare for the duel with Sunao, but will it be enough? And what are these strange dreams he keeps having about Kiriha’s previous master? So many questions, but will we get all the answers?


Sunao sparred with her local god, Honoka and when asked about her chances in the duel, she is one hundred percent confident that she will win. Kotetsu attempts to offer some advice but gets shot down and told to be quiet as he’s just a tool. Their relationship is a stark contrast to Kazuya and Kiriha’s. Could that end up being the deciding factor?

Kazuya has been training hard and with Kiriha, they’ve come up with a plan on how to fight Sunao, but it’s not going to be easy. They have one last bath and get into bed before the big duel. Kiriha tells Kazuya that she’ll be sleeping soundly tonight… if he gets what she means… Anyhow, Kazuya has a dream where he meets the previous master of Kiriha.

The duel begins and so that neither fighter can get injured they have water dolls that take the damage instead of the fighters, but that only works for the fighters and not the tsugumomos. Kazuya starts strong, but Sunao turns the tables, damaging Kiriha. Then, when things were looking dire, Kazuya pulls a new move out of the air and suddenly the fight is very much alive again.

Episode Thoughts

This was another fun episode. I still can’t say that I particularly like Sunao, which is odd, because I’m all about strong girls with swords. Maybe, it’s the fact that she has no respect for her blade and that’s she’s a massive ass? The fight was excellent and I’m even glad that it will continue into the next episode. I’m hoping that we’ll get more answers about Kazuya’s mother and what happened to him that his memories were locked away. It’s all set up for a thrilling final episode. This series has been a lot of fun and I’m delighted that I can jump straight into season two after this one.

Ecchi Highlights


Bath time!

Bed time!

The Duel!

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