Tsugumomo (Episode 2) – The Library and the Childhood Friend

Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya is late for school thanks to Kiriha destroying the alarm clock. Then, when he does get to school, he’s forgotten an assignment. Chisato drags him to the library and forces him to study, but they soon discover they can’t leave!

The Library and the Childhood Friend

Kiriha wakes before Kazuya and is a little perturbed that he’s sleeping longer than her. She tries to wake him by blowing into his ear, but that just causes him to stir and talk in his sleep about some crazy yokai… All of a sudden, Kiriha has found a new way to wake him and he’s not going to like it. After the rude awakening, Kazuya discovers that he’s late for school and hurries to get there, but Kiriha wants to come too.

Kazuya says she can come as long as it’s in the obi form, which Kiriha accepts. He then places her inside a Ziploc bag to keep her dry. She’s most appreciative. Then, he places the bag inside a wooden box so that she’ll be safe. Most considerate. Finally, he ties it with a string so that the box doesn’t open by accident. Kiriha can’t believe how much he cares for her… until she realises that he left the box at home and went to school without her.

At school, Kazuya finds out that he forgot an assignment. Chisato is concerned for him and drags him to the library to force him to complete it. There, she offers to come to his house and help him study. It’s clear that Chisato likes Kazuya, although he can’t tell and says it’s best she doesn’t. He’d hate for her to find Kiriha there. Chisato accepts his decision, but when she tries to leave the library, she can’t. There is no way out, but luckily for Kazuya, Kiriha is in there waiting for him… She may help him out, but she’s just as likely to kick his ass for abandoning her!

Episode Thoughts

Well, I’m already loving this series. It has the right blend of absurd comedy and mild ecchi content. Kazuya is a dummy. There’s no better way to describe him, but he’s also kind of entertaining. Kiriha, however, is an absolute riot and the episode lights up every time she’s on the screen. It was nice to see more of Chisato in this episode and we’re still getting hints about more mysterious things going on. Even more mysterious that wig monsters and book golems! This series is going to be a lot of fun.

Ecchi Highlights

Rude Awakening!

Taking Kiriha to School!

Trapped in the Library!

Chisato find out!

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