Tsugumomo (Episode 3) – Kukuri-hime

Tsugumomo Title

A messenger for the local God is looking for Kazuya but happens across his friend Shirou. Rather than miss out on the chance to stare at her boobs, Shirou offers to take her to lunch before finding Kazuya!


Kokuyou, the messenger for the local God, accepts Shirou’s offer and places her order – everything on the menu. She then eats the whole lot and walks out of the restaurant as a champion. Shirou, however, has to pay for the extravagant feast. He needed the help of a friend and is indebted to his for the summer as a result. This doesn’t stop him from taking it out on Kazuya, however. As they attempt to settle their differences with an arm-wrestle, Kokuyou enters the classroom and demands that Kazuya come with her, but Kiriha stays behind.

Kiriha is having none of it and challenges Kokuyou to an arm-wrestling match. Somehow, Shirou was designated to provide the attire and it’s all a little tight fitting. Regardless, the fight begins and it’s not like any arm-wrestling anyone else has seen before. In the end, Kiriha wins and is allowed to go with Kazuya to see the local God – Kukuri. Chisato comes along too, but before long is pulled away by Kokuyou as Kukuri attacks Kiriha and Kazuya with her water abilities.

Kiriha does her best to protect Kazuya, but it’s not looking good. All Kukuri wants is for Kazuya to clean up the Malison which is causing the strange occurrences such as the wig amasogi and the incident in the library. Kiriha is dead against the idea, hence the sudden battle!

Episode Thoughts

This episode was great and I’m already a big fan of Kokuyou. I’ve always wanted to walk into a restaurant and order everything on the menu, so seeing a fine looking woman that can do just that is a great start to the episode. The arm-wrestling just added even more. This series keeps scoring points and it doesn’t even appear to be trying. I mean Kiriha attack Kukuri with a giant hammer – more points and then Kukuri dropped a lake on them. I can’t wait to see where this series goes, but we’re also starting to get a little intrigue too. What happened to the young Kazuya that meant Kiriha allowed him to forget her in order to save his life? It’s all good so far.

Ecchi Highlights

Are you Kazuya?

The Lunch Thief!

Arm Wrestling!

Visiting the Local God!

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