Tsugumomo (Episode 4) – Trials of the Local God

Tsugumomo Title

Kiriha is doing everything she can to protect Kazuya from Kukuri, but she appears to be outmatched. When Kazuya almost drowns, he gets a visit from someone strange yet familiar who has some advice for him!

Trials of the Local God

Kiriha manages to deflect Kukuri’s attack, but it used up so much of her power that she shrunk. Unfortunately, Kukuri unleashes the same attack again and Kiriha can’t stop it this time. Kazuya almost drowns, but in the brief moment he is unconscious he is visited by a girl who has some advice for him. Of course, she has a good laugh at his misfortune first! When Kazuya awakens, he calls Kiriha by her real name and gains her understanding, allowing him to use her as a weapon.

Together they fight back and almost win, but Kukuri is too strong and manages to get Kiriha from Kazuya. He finally agrees to hunt the Malison disturbances, much to Kiriha’s annoyance. Kukuri is then revealed to have used up a lot of her power and shrinks too. This gives Kiriha the chance to beat her up as they are no longer fighting about Kazuya.

Once Kazuya has taken Kiriha home, he tries to find her some clothes to wear in her shrunken state, especially as he has no idea how long it will last for. First, he asks his sister, but that gets awkward. So, with no one left to turn to he contacts his friend, Osamu. They meet up in a secluded park and make the trade, however, it would appear that Osamu got the wrong idea about why Kazuya wanted little girls clothes and might be a massive pervert!

Episode Thoughts

This series continues to be a lot of fun. The fight was great and then we had the shrunken Kiriha to deal with and while she may be small, her attitude hadn’t changed one bit. It’s also great that we now have a goal for the story and some idea of the form it will take going forwards. It looks like we’ll be following Kazuya and Kiriha as they battle Amasogi’s and try to work out why there is a Malison imbalance in the first place and why Kazuya is so involved in it. I’m inclined to say that it has something to do with his mother and the incident that happened in the past which resulted in his memories of Kiriha being erased. We have intrigue, action, comedy, and Kiriha. I’m not sure what else you might want!

Ecchi Highlights

Surviving… Just!

Some Advice!

Fighting Back!

Tiny Kiriha!


Finding Small Clothes!


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