Tsugumomo (Episode 5) – Training

Tsugumomo Title

Now that Kazuya has agreed to become a Malison Cleanser it’s time to get him to speed physically. Of course, this means some training, but don’t expect your usual training montage. No! Not with Kiriha in charge!


Kiriha is still in her shrunken form from when she used too much energy defending Kazuya from Kukuri. It’s also made her unable to fire off her obi attacks, much to Kazuya’s relief. Unfortunately for him, that means that he’s going to have to do something about his unathletic build. Kiriha has plans on whipping him into shape, but that might not be so easy.

Kukuri and Kokuyou are still trying to fix up their shrine, but the weather has other ideas. They also don’t have any money and when a tree blows through the wall, the roof finally gives in. In need of a new shrine, they move into the structure beneath a slide at a children’s play area, much to Kiriha’s delight.

Kazuya is summoned to the Student Council President’s room and discovers that Tadataka was the one in control of the wig amasogi and that he doesn’t like boys, just Kazuya. That aside, he’s called Kazuya and Kiriha to help him with a problem he’s having with the RPG club and they soon find out why he needed their help. The head of the RPG club appears and creates a minotaur with which he attacks them. It turns out his sketchbook has become an amasogi.

Episode Thoughts

It would appear that Kazuya getting hit in the balls is going to be a running gag in this series, and I’m fine with that. Frankly, Kiriha can do whatever she wants and I’m fine with that. Her facial expressions are a continuous source of entertainment and I love how mischievous she can be. This series is hilarious and I’m enjoying it quite a lot. It looks like we’re falling back into the monster of the week style of episodes and that too is fine. It works well and we’ve already built up a small group of characters that work well together. This series certainly isn’t in the same category as shows like Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid or High School DxD when it comes to the ecchi content, but it is funny and has enough to keep it interesting.

Ecchi Highlights

Training Begins!

Cleaning up!

More Training!

Kukuri’s New Shrine!

RPG Club!

Osamu’s Art Skills!

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