Tsugumomo (Episode 6) – Memories and Childhood Friends

Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya arrives at school and there’s something odd going on. It’s not Valentine’s Day, but there appears to be an energy in the air and response options when people are talking to one another…

Memories and Childhood Friends

It soon becomes apparent that they are somehow in a dating sim. Well, Kiriha tells Kazuya otherwise he may never have worked it out. Then, Kazuya finds Chisato talking with a guy she turned down the day before and she’s usually cold towards Kazuya. Hiroshi tells Kazuya that he’s lost and no one beats him at Pure Heart. That leads Kiriha to realise that he’s the one behind the Amasogi. Now, they just need to find it.

In an attempt to stop the worst happening, Kazuya enlists Osamu’s help to beat the dating sim and win Chisato back. His first attempt ends disastrously and it’s looking pretty bad, but there is one chance to win and it has to be perfect. Kazuya has to do it all in just one line too!

Amazingly, he succeeds and a defeated Hiroshi runs off. Kazuya and Chisato go to the nurse’s office to rest while Kiriha and Osamu try to track down Hiroshi. They finally find him and discover that the Amasogi was using the PC version of the game which is X-Rated! Meanwhile, in the nurse’s office, Kazuya wakes to find he’s tied to the bed and Chisato is naked and on top of him. Kiriha rushes to stop them while Osamu and Hiroshi try to destroy the Amasogi!

Episode Thoughts

All right, so this episode was hilarious. I loved that it turned into a dating sim and it was equally funny watching Kazuya screw it all up with a negative combo which resulted in Chisato blowing up with fury. Osamu really grew on me in this episode and I’m hoping he continues to be involved. I did miss Kiriha in this one though and I would like her to return to normal size again and she was far more entertaining in that form. This is a great series and it continues to raise the stakes. The revelation that it was a porn dating sim at the end was so funny. I can’t wait for more.

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