Tsugumomo (Season One)

Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya discovers that the obi he carries around to remind him of his mother is actually a tsugumomo and can take on the form of a teenage girl, but that’s not even the weirdest part… that’s coming any minute now!

The Overview

Kiriha, she’s the tsugumomo, rescues Kazuya from an amasogi which is when an inanimate object is given life through someone’s uncontrolled emotions. She is quick to berate Kazuya, but sleeps in his bed and pretty much takes over his life, including bath time! Before long, they are summoned to see the local god, Kukuri who wants Kazuya to be a Malison Cleanser which is basically an exorcist for amasogis. Kiriha refuses, but has to fight to keep Kazuya from accepting. They lose the fight and accept the position. It’s worth noting that Kazuya seems to attract Malison particles so you can expect plenty of madness.

Kazuya and Kiriha begin to take on the rogue amasogis and try to help the person responsible for creating them. If they destroy an amasogi, the creator will receive a divine punishment, so it’s best that they destroy it themselves. They’re about to face some pretty weird situations, especially as high school is a bubbling pot of uncontrolled emotions!

Tsugumomo Episode 1 Chisato wakes Kazuya from dream boob grab

The Story

This series tends to focus on an amasogi of the week and has Kazuya and Kiriha attempt to solve the problem. These often spiral out of control and with Kazuya being such an inexperience Malison Cleanser, things just seem to get worse and worse. There is a story that runs through the series and beyond. Something happened to Kazuya when he was younger and we as yet don’t know what that was. He also slowly manages to build a harem inside his own house as Kukuri and her shrine maiden, Kokuyou move into Kazuya’s house. This story is full of raunchy moments and lots of classic awkward ecchi tropes.

The Characters

Tsugumomo Episode 8 Kazuya covered in Shirou's Cologne Amasogi

Kazuya Kagami is the hopeless loser that this story is centred around. He has his mother’s obi which becomes Kiriha and spends most of her time mentally and physically abusing him. She does help him in the bathroom and often takes things way too far. Kazuya is as ordinary as an ecchi protagonist can be, but he grows on you and by the end of the season, I was quite invested in his story.

Tsugumomo Episode 1 Kiriha kicking ass

Kiriha is an obi tsugumomo that can take on the form of a teenage girl. When she uses too much power, she can shrink, but that’s only temporary. In reality, Kiriha is not a nice person. She’s blunt and unforgiving, and constantly beating poor Kazuya, but sometimes she makes up for it by surprisingly being nice. Kiriha, however, is the star of the show and like Kazuya, she really grows on you too.

Tsugumomo Episode 2 Chisato asks to come to Kazuya's house

Chisato Chikaishi is Kazuya’s best friend and the girl he’s known since he was a little boy, although she doesn’t seem to have any news about what happened to Kazuya when he was younger. She is obviously into Kazuya and even creates an amasogi by accident. However, Chisato really took over the show in the episode where a dating sim became and amasogi and she was the lead girl. I still can’t get over the ending of that episode.

Tsugumomo Episode 3 Kukuri the Local God

Kukuri is the local god and clearly has a lot of history with Kiriha. Much like everyone else in Kiriha’s life, she’s prepared to fight and ridicule them and why would a local god be any different. She’s another one that falls for Kazuya, although that might just be because he let them live at his house. Kukuri is a main part of the weirdest moments in the show which include the grocery scene and the game of memory…

Tsugumomo Episode 3 Kokuyou Arm Wrestling Shirt

Kokuyou is Kukuri’s shrine maiden although she can grow wings and fly around. She’s not the brightest and will do pretty much anything for a good meal. She’s also a goddess! No, not in the literal sense, just look at her and you’ll see what I mean. It was a shame that we didn’t see too much of Kokuyou although she was there in the aftershave amasogi incident which left Kazuya a little spent!

Fan Service

There’s lots of classic ecchi fan-service with accidental boob grabs, tripping over and landing between a girl’s legs, but it also takes things further than you might expect. A lot of it happens off-camera, but you can hear what they’re saying and the implications are pretty clear. Kazuya is one lucky guy, that’s for sure. I watched a censored version although I believe there is an uncensored one which would be fun to check out at some point. Anyhow, there was lots of fun fan-service and plenty of teasing.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Good

There were times when the story was great such as the dark episode with the sister. That was an excellent episode and while it didn’t have much in the way of ecchi, it was my favourite episode. There were plenty of other great moments, but I think the lack of a resolution to the main story is probably stopping me from giving it a great rating for the story. I generally enjoyed all of it although there were a couple of awkward moments that many might find uncomfortable.

Ecchi Rating: Hot

So, this series isn’t as in your face as Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid or High School DxD, but it does go further than them in that it’s pretty clear that Kazuya either had sex or some sort of sexual activity. A lot of it happened off the camera, but by that point, we’d seen enough to be able to connect the dots. It was fun in a classic sense of ecchi with the standard tropes, comedy, and the tease that you’d expect.


This series was a lot of fun and I’m very happy that I decided to pick it up in preparation for season two. The cast of characters are all a bit crazy and that helps. I like that literally anything can happen from an incredibly dark episode to a dating sim. It just goes to show that when you get the foundation right, you can do whatever you want with the characters. I’m looking forward to the next season. Please give us more Kokuyou. Please!!!

Tsugumomo Episode 7 Nude Kokuyou offers Kazuya her Boobs as thanks

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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