Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 10) – Facing “Elf Speeder” II

The plot thickens as Raishin and Henri are trapped in the ruins of the blast Charlotte caused. We see some more of the enemy, and Raishin ends up figuring out what’s going on. Still don’t know who Elf Speeder is, though!

Facing “Elf Speeder” II

Trapped underground, Raishin and Henri begin to explore when they run into the headmaster and Magnus, Raishin’s rival. They are attacked, and Magnus’ doll holds off the enemy – a butler working for the man who is blackmailing Charlotte. They all escape unharmed.

Raishin then reveals to Yaya that he is engaged, as his family had arranged a marriage for him prior to them all being killed, but that he doesn’t intend on following through with it. He attends the evening party with Yaya, only no combatants show up, again. Afterwards, Raishin and Yaya kidnap Henri in order to protect her, as Raishin has figured out that Charlotte is being forced to do what she’s doing because Henri’s life is threatened.

The butler arrives to fight.

Episode Thoughts

Not a lot of action, but I do like where the story is headed anyways. My biggest complaint is just how bloody dark most of the episode is – it’s one of my biggest pet peeves, when an anime is too dark and if there is any sunlight on my end I can’t see a damn thing. But unfortunately that’s been a common occurrence throughout the series, with most of the fights taking place at night as well.

Frey acted really cute this episode as usual, and there was a bit of fan service of Yaya, and Henri in her pajamas. I guess we’ll have to see where things head from here, now that Raishin has taken Henri.

Overall, the episode was too bloody dark, so I might as well have just read a novel version of what was happening. That or go sit in my closet so I can actually see what’s happening, as my brightness was already maxed. I don’t know how things like this get approved, it’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to go to a dark room just to see the anime.

Episode Highlights

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