Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 12) – Facing “Elf Speeder” IV

And here we are with the conclusion to Unbreakable Machine-Doll, the series that was kind of ecchi, but also not really. The conflict between Raishin, Charlotte, and a particular rich person reaches it’s end!

Facing “Elf Speeder” IV

The fight continues as Raishin and Charlotte try to defeat the mysterious and powerful butler, who was revealed to be a doll made from human parts, or something like this, giving him his own source of mana. After suffering some defeats, Raishin comes up with a plan to catch the butler off guard so they can unload everything they have left into him. It works, but it isn’t enough to incapacitate the butler.

Raishin then uses one of Frey’s dogs to locate the puppeteer behind the butler, the rich kid who was blackmailing Charlotte. He captures the kid, but soon after the butler frees the kid. Yaya powers up, fights the butler, and the butler ends up escaping with the kid. The kid then releases his disguise, revealing that he was actually a female, also known as “Elf Speeder”, and that she will enjoy fighting Raishin again in the Evening Party.

After that, we get some banter between the characters as Raishin is once again in a hospital bed, with most of the overarching story left untold for this season.

Episode Thoughts

Alright, so this is the final episode of Unbreakable Machine-Doll.

The action was good, particularly the fighting between the butler and Yaya. It’s funny because from the beginning Charlotte has been portrayed as one of the strongest puppeteers in the school, but her dragon is always so clunky and never seems to be very good at actual combat, which was also the case here.

I’d say overall it’s a bittersweet ending. I liked the action and conclusion to the conflict of this arc, but at the same time, the story has gone so far off the rails and away from the Evening Party / Raishin’s revenge that it’s not a satisfying ending at all.

Finally, there wasn’t much fan service this episode. There hasn’t really been much ever since Frey was introduced, but I guess this series wasn’t trying to be an outright ecchi anime, the fan service was always on the back burner to everything else.

Episode Highlights

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